sealant for rust patina?


anyone has any recommendations on what to use to permanently seal a rust patina finish?

should ideally have a matt finish


Mar 26, 14 11:05 am

Why seal a rust finish? 

Mar 26, 14 11:10 am

Can use nyalic clear.  

Mar 26, 14 11:11 am

Or any matte polyurethane should work. 

Mar 26, 14 11:18 am

I guess i can see why you would seal it if you live in a humid area. I'm spoiled living in the desert.  Here metal rusts very very slowly.  

Mar 26, 14 11:21 am

jia-x what desert you living in?

Mar 26, 14 8:37 pm

The Sonoran.  Phoenix. 

Mar 26, 14 8:43 pm
Rust never sleeps, man.
Mar 27, 14 1:58 am

Glad you didn't Say I would have put you in an pink jump suit and cowboy hat  wearing boots with your pant legs tucked into the boots.  You would have your Glock hanging from your side with and extra clip or two.

Mar 27, 14 8:04 am

I actually recall finding a product produced in California  which has  a matte finish.  The difficulty with applying any of these materials is you need to apply it in a shaded condition. Corten Steel tends to get really hot in the sun.  

A friend of mine uses a paste automotive wax on steel on the indoors and it does give it a nice rich, deep look, of something you must touch.

Mar 27, 14 8:10 am

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