OMA interviews (2014)


just wondering if anyone has interviewed recently and if they heard back? this goes to rotterdam, doha, ny, hk

Mar 10, 14 1:30 am


Mar 10, 14 10:45 pm

i interviewed back in february and still haven't gotten a there a connection between interview date and when you'd get a response? 

anyone know how long it usually takes for them to make a decision? this is for a long term internship

Mar 13, 14 3:54 am

yeah still no response. they probably do all their decisions at once. which location did you apply to? 

Mar 16, 14 4:36 am

Is it so hard to get an internship at OMA?

Mar 16, 14 5:07 am

@lataco I would assume that it is. at least from what I've been reading from past forums. It's my first time applying. did you apply as well? 

Mar 16, 14 9:09 pm

I had an interview with them a while back ago. They said they liked my design work, but needed to show more technical work. I didn't have that in my portfolio at that time. I just moved on. 

Mar 16, 14 10:58 pm

@BulgarBlogger which office did you interview with if you don't mind me asking? And by technical work, do you mean proven computer skills? And how long did it take for them to get back to you with a decision after the interview? 

Mar 17, 14 12:57 am

I applied to all of them but RD got back to me for an interview..

but it's been over 3 weeks. Don't know what that means..

Mar 17, 14 1:45 am
Liam Kwon

One of my friend got offer from OMA last week . I dont know which office he applied. Anyway,  He did interview last week and got a job following day.

Mar 18, 14 12:31 am

The next day?? Yikes......

is he an arch graduate student? 

Mar 18, 14 12:44 am

And did he interview for an internship or an architect position? 

Mar 18, 14 12:46 am

@Liam Kwon Congrats to your friend! hope the rest of us hear good news soon as well..

Mar 18, 14 12:57 am
Liam Kwon

Yeb. He is graduate student and applied architectural intern.

Mar 18, 14 1:40 am
Liam Kwon

Don be nervous. Just have a good time. At least you guys grab the interview chance from "OMA", which means your portfolio deserve to work in OMA. 

Mar 18, 14 1:45 am

thanks man...hope RD responds soon. anyone out there with more info please share! 

Mar 18, 14 4:28 pm

For those of you that have had interviews/ gotten the job do you have an online portfolio that I could see? 

Mar 18, 14 5:45 pm

just heard back folks...

unfortunately it's not good news..

but yeah if anyone who has gotten the job in the past it would be great to look at an online portfolio for future reference, would be appreciated...and good luck to the rest of you still waiting to hear back 

Mar 20, 14 10:37 pm


Sorry to hear that! But at least you can move on while the rest of us still wait for answers. I wonder if it's possible to contact them to find out?

Mar 21, 14 1:28 am

Anyone else?

After submitting the material, how long did they get back to you. 4 to 6 weeks?

Good luck everyone!

Apr 9, 14 2:03 am

The good part about not getting accepted at OMA is that, at least you have a life now!

Apr 10, 14 3:03 pm

I just applied couple days ago... Is there any internal voice about the Rotterdam internship vacancies? How long did they get back to you after you submitted the online application? 
I heard they have very limited spots for Non-EU citizens, but not sure if that's true. 

Apr 22, 14 12:41 am

I received a phone call from Rotterdam office several days ago, and was asked to have an interview this Thursday.

I also wonder what's percentage of chance to get in after the interview....

Anyway, let's see

Apr 22, 14 1:09 am

@xdfwx Good luck dude. When did you submitted your application? and where do you go to school?

Apr 22, 14 1:24 am

It means you're a "maybe." They are getting through other candidates first but you are still in the running. They'll hire exceptional right away but dont be discouraged. You still have a shot!

Apr 22, 14 12:33 pm

@arkitex I believe they get back to you with a yes or no. So, you will know regardless. And the 'typical' time they get back to you is between 4 to 6 weeks. However, reading other forums, the time varies greatly. Anyone willing to sharing their >4mb portfolio package?

Apr 22, 14 12:58 pm

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