Source for 12" x 18" 3 Ring Binders?

I am looking for 12" x 18" 3 Ring Binders to keep my half size drawing sets in good shape. Does anyone know of a company that sells them at a reasonable price?

Jan 8, 10 3:51 pm

Dick Blick?

Sleeves, not rings, but the price is pretty good and the size is right.

Jan 9, 10 11:19 am

Make sure you get D ring binders instead of C ring, They are much more functional and less likely to pinch and crush your documents when you close them.

Jan 11, 10 10:25 am

maybe here:

Jan 13, 10 1:27 pm

Keep filing has 13x19 binders.

May 20, 18 4:46 pm

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