Sitting on design studio reviews for IDP hours?


I thought I saw somewhere recently that being a guest juror on design studio reviews can contribute towards Leadership and Service hours for IDP.  My internetting has so far turned up nothing.  Is reviewing, substituting, etc. at an architecture school a valid L&S hour in NCARB's world?

Feb 12, 14 12:47 pm

I can't see why it wouldn't be accepted.  After all, you are volunteering your time and leading a class, right?  I've been trying to get my L&S hours too.  I would have no qualms over adding those sort of activities under that category.  I'm trying to help organize IDP activities at my firm to get my L&S hours.  

Also, check out this site:

Feb 12, 14 4:31 pm

Thanks JD, I had run across that hefty.  

I think the guest reviewing makes sense to me for L&S--volunteering time in the service of architectural education, right?  I thought there might be a definitive answer out there since I imagine a lot of "interns" have similar experience in being on studio juries.

Feb 13, 14 11:54 am

There is a NCARB Webinar coming up that may help answer other questions you may have.  I am organizing the interns I work with to take part of it and to go ahead and tweet/post their questions.  Here is a link for more info.

Enjoy the critiques.  I've been trying to get on some juries at my alma mater.  I don't know if I would be too harsh are to nice.

Feb 13, 14 1:54 pm

Maybe try to be constructive with your crit...?

I'm going to try and get L&S hours by organizing the interns at my firm!  Oh wait,  I'm the only intern :(.  

Feb 13, 14 2:05 pm

Hahaha, get yourself together and start an IDP program.

And of course constructive criticism is the best way to go about crits.  

Feb 13, 14 2:25 pm

Oh, I am! Thank goodness there's a snow day so I can organize everything for all the interns! We're going to get t-shirtspurchase a countdown clockdownload the app togethertour the NCARB Officeand group watch the webinar (popcorn in hand)!  My firm is going to have the best IDP program ever.

Now I'm so excited to go through IDP; I'm going to really miss it when I'm done. 

Feb 13, 14 4:39 pm

Sounds like a solid 80 hours of Leadership and Service to me, with not a hint of sarcasm.  Seriously, best of luck in getting those hours.  They don't come easy. 

I thought the comic sans font on the t-shirt was awesome.

Feb 13, 14 5:05 pm

I should have gone with 5600 for the shirt number, now every hour I earn I'll have to add a patch. 

I've already done 80 hours.  I volunteered to do an architecture program with a former principle.  It was out of the goodness of my heart and I didn't realize until way later that it could have counted.  

Feb 13, 14 5:23 pm

gruen you sure you weren't talking about this?

Feb 17, 14 11:13 pm

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