CAD Outsourcing


Could I get professional advise in starting up an outsourcing firm in Jamaica?


I have the technology, office space and skills.


Anybody would like to team up with me?

Jan 26, 14 6:36 pm
wurdan freo

What services will you provide? Do you have a website that demonstrates your capabilities?

Jan 26, 14 8:11 pm

well this is my personal online portfolio

I am pulling more to the unique side of the industry, like truss designing, construction documents for timber framing structures.

However I would do anything within the industry base on the market demand.

Jan 26, 14 10:36 pm
Non Sequitur

Skill level is subjective but what are you suggesting, that people from all-over would ask you to turn their design drawings into usable construction docs? How would you deal with the variations in local building codes or thermal/snow-loads calculations?

Jan 27, 14 10:34 am

I have the resources i hold these building codes, I also have profound knowledge of the IBC and IRC, and I also have a local Structural engineer as support. Yes I would provide construction docs accordingly.    

Jan 27, 14 12:10 pm
Non Sequitur

Those codes only apply to areas without their own codes. To be honest, I would never trust an outside company, especially a foreign one, to carry a design into construction drawings. Besides, most jurisdictions require a locally licensed architect for permit drawings.

Your only bet is to hook-up with a local college or school and run a design-clinic with the students. I cannot imagine someone seriously releasing quality control to someone else.

btw, where in these international building codes is the section on the decorative use of coloured "eye-brows" for residential construction?

Jan 27, 14 12:45 pm

i think Chapter 22.64 speaks to design guidelines, the problem would be the permit. I am willing to work under the supervision of an Architect, I would basically do the drafting aspect of the project for a small fee.

That could be very much the case, I knock out the drafting in no time, this would be a boast in productivity for any Architect.

Jan 27, 14 1:24 pm

I'm not quite sure how to break into it because I haven't used one yet.  I have hired local drafts people on contract though.  However, I have looked at international.  Most of your competition is in India or China.  So their fees are super low.  They tout US or European educated, even licensed professionals, etc. and a variety of services. What they don't have are some things you might..

Hours of operation.  You're in the US time zones.  Therefore coordination can be done without a lag during normal business hours.  Some architects I could even see finding an 'excuse' to fly down for a 'coordination meeting' at some resort.  If your business takes off, you might look at finding some preferential pricing with a resort and use of a conference room.

Also, look into it but if I remember right Jamaica has links and ties to American business laws.  So there is a way to recover should there be a scam (both ways).  That would help with the risky proposition. 

And well... in the "old days" (1950's-70's) that's kind of how small architects worked.  There were drafting houses in major cities.  So the on man firm architect designed then farmed out the construction documents and specifications.  Several had architects in-house and offered that service too.  It's how my Dad started his architectural career... 

Jan 27, 14 6:25 pm

Sounds very feasible, I have admired how we monitor these call centers. Time zoning advantage would be great, I will consult with my lawyer to really set all those links within the law. 

Honestly the investment I have is not so much right now, Yes I may have a few medium powered computers, yes I may have an office space, yes I have professional skill and support, yes I own two autodesk software licenses (Revit 2013 and AutoCad Arch.2013) "looking to acquire a few high end software in the future".

I am looking towards starting out small with an Architect, The profit would turn over into this business which would results in expansion, that Architect may start getting their drafting done at minimal cost.

I have a passion for this industry I am up to the challenge, I have always aimed at making major contribution to the construction industry worldwide.

We all started somewhere.

Jan 27, 14 10:39 pm

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