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Hi Guys, Sorry, I was wondering if any of you could have any websites that has interesting/cool diagramming websites/links or books? 
I need to do diagrams on wind and sound for a site for school, but I'm not very good at diagramming. I wish to get better though.

Jan 17, 14 6:49 pm

Jan 17, 14 7:16 pm


Jan 18, 14 8:04 pm

google Perry Kulper's drawings...

Jan 20, 14 12:44 am

BIG's diagrams are too much about process...

From what I am understanding, you want to map a condition. This can be as basic or as abstract as you want it to be, but I would go for the abstract as you can develop your own graphic language that can be translated into a form or other architectural principle that can inform your design. 

Check out the website of one of my former professor from college:

We did a lot of site mapping similar to this...

Jan 20, 14 12:49 am

Check out "ecological urbanism" there are many good diagrams that you can get ideas from.  

Jan 20, 14 1:01 am

Waooo thank you for exposing me to so much knowledge! :)

Jan 21, 14 12:45 am

Good theory book about diagram

Mark Garcia : The Diagrams of Architecture : AD reader

Jan 21, 14 1:19 am

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