United States run by aliens?

Wow, I'm actually beginning to sound less crazy every day when stories like this make the news, via Zerohedge:

While some will not be surprised, Al Arabiya reports that Iran's FARS News Agency claimed in a recent report that:

"The United States' domestic and international policy has been driven by an 'alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda' since 1945."
The "incontrovertible proof" supporting the revelations was (apparently) found in a Federal Security Service (FSB) report, carried out by American computer specialist Edward Snowden - and is confirmed (somewhat amazingly) by former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer in the following interview

Black budgets, secret governing powers, and breakaway civilizations?  It's making the likes Dr. Farrell seems eminently reasonable.

Some have been speculating the 2014 will be the year of an alien event.  Any wagers to be placed?  Yikes!

Jan 16, 14 8:42 am

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Jan 16, 14 8:50 am

Miles, is your REAL name Glen?

Jan 16, 14 9:07 am

i'm pretty sure the shadow government would be the military-industrial complex.  there could be regular human beings running it.  just throwing out some other possibilities.

in other news, obama is going to speak on the nsa, which will look something like this:

Jan 16, 14 9:21 am

Smear campaign in full force already;

Washington post



Jan 16, 14 9:46 am

I hope so.  The only other explanation is rich morons which is even scarier.

Jan 16, 14 11:27 am

+++ curt (all your base)

and it's the global corporate financial complex, which essentially owns everything and uses the US military for enforcement and security (and profit). 

Jan 16, 14 11:53 am

do we have access to the actual documents snowden released that proves this?

Jan 16, 14 12:17 pm

As I understand it, not yet.   But apparently Iran does.  (And presumably Russia too.)

Jan 16, 14 12:56 pm

Secret space laser program.  Intergalactic warfare next?

Jan 16, 14 1:17 pm

Here is a link to the Iran news agency.  It's worth reading to get their full explanation. 

Jan 16, 14 3:40 pm

Hints in military patches too.

Jan 16, 14 3:47 pm


don't worry.  we'll be safe

Jan 16, 14 3:59 pm

these are scairier

Adn I'm sure some of you will like this one given it's latin sega reference:

Jan 16, 14 4:05 pm

This whole alien thing is too Trek-y for my blood, so I'll just list a few I think are aliens:

Hillary Clinton - an alien resembling Jesus in a way, in that she can "conveniently" turn the other cheek.

Mitt Romney - an alien who has made more aliens who will in turn grow the alien population in exponential fashion.

Sarah Palin - an alien who hicks think is a normal person, and not an extraterrestrial because ... well, they're hicks.

Jan 16, 14 4:36 pm
chatter of clouds

The Saudi 'Al Arabia' is not even the last news source I would trust, especially pertaining to things persian.The current politics of Saudi Arabia holds Iran as an enemy and there is very pertinent suspicion that KSA is behind the terrorist attack on the Iranian Embassy in misrepresentational defamation would not be beyond the Saudis  ; keep that in mind. And keep in mind that Saudi's wahabi ideology views Al Qaeda and its ilk favourably - its easier to empathize with the belief that some american politicians can double up as alien creatures in Hollywood movies. Akh, when the gulf arab mind -tribal, hypocritical and glutonous- pits itself againt the persian, tactical, patient and civilizational...

Jan 16, 14 8:42 pm

Reptiloids ... EVERYWHERE

Jan 16, 14 8:46 pm

It's almost like no one is taking this seriously and yet it's some of the biggest news in recent times.  Mind-blowing how mind controlled we are.  If only I could diestribute some o f those Rowdy roddy pipper  glasses but those cartel fuckers at Luxotica have the market cornered!

Jan 17, 14 9:04 am

alien shadow government is a low probability.  doesn't mean it's impossible or isn't happening, just that other alternatives are also likely.

having said that, i'm interested in seeing more about what snowden released.  there is a high probability that my government and others are doing things i don't know about, and that i might disagree with.  there have been many ufo sightings by military personnel, pilots, and others where most of the information in FOIA documents was redacted and such.

you would think, though, that with the reputation government workers tend to have, they really wouldn't be able to organize or maintain a very complicated conspiracy.  also, i think it would be likely complicit governments in other countries would have somehow let a bit more information slip, whether it be a sympathetic country or one that learned our secrets through intelligence operations.  why wouldn't ussr have leaked a bit of info after their collapse? 

Jan 17, 14 9:16 am

I suppose my thread title is a bit misleading.  It is not that the "United States (is literally) run by aliens" but rather more like the "United States is controlled by a shadow government who's agenda is dominated by space alien concerns"

Crazy at first first,  but we do know that the US absorbed a bunch of Nazi elite scientiest & business after WWII in Operation Paperclip.

We also know that the Pentagon has sketchy accounting and is missing as much as $8.5 trillion.  And pentagon is just one piece of federal government, we also know that HUD is missing large chunks of money and that the CIA has been heavily inovlved in the very profitable drug trade.

So it's not a stretch to think that something big is happening "underground" but why don't we know more?  This is serious military stuff which means they will kill those who talk.  And even those who do talk may find themselves suppressed by a complicit media.  Thus only bits & pieces can leak out via internet and these sources tend to be quickly ridiculed.

Why hasn't Russia or another country revealed anything?  Good question.  Who knows but with revelations taht there are mulitple alien species, clearly, it's a very complex situation.

Jan 17, 14 9:58 am

A number of calculations have been made about the frequency with which what we recognize as habitable conditions (the Goldilocks zone) occur, the distance between them, the duration of their existence and the time necessary to travel between them. The end result seems to be that yes, there most certainly is intelligent life in the universe (doG knows there isn't any here on Earth), but that they are so far removed in both space and time that contact is essentially impossible.

Furthermore, any civilization that had the power to transcend space and time and travel the distances necessary to make contact would no doubt be so far advanced that at best our planet would look to them like a convenient place take a dump, but only if it wasn't out of the way.

Anyway, I think they are looking for the wrong things. Instead of looking for planets that may have the right conditions for life, they should be looking for the results of civilization: planets shrouded in clouds of garbage and radioactive waste. Then we could be certain that life once existed there, and that it was decidedly NOT intelligent life.

Jan 17, 14 10:13 am

Now you're teetering on the alchemical nature of human existance & spiritual transcendance.  It's possible that ancien ideas like set vs. osiris are still pllaying out.  The aliens likely know this as they have already followed the course  themselves and are anxiously watching as we stumble along.

Kubrick's great work, the 2001 space odyssey is an excellent guidepost of this.

Jan 17, 14 10:31 am

Yes, thats why the Folk Art museum is being razed

Jan 17, 14 10:35 am

Another alien:

Ann Romney - an alien who lives in a delusional world, and thinks the White House represented the reincarnation of her past experience presiding over Versailles.

Jan 17, 14 11:48 am

Contact is far from impossible.  There are about 400 billion galaxies each containing on average 200-400 billion stars.  Even if intelligent life is a one in a billion shot... Do the math.  It is reasonable to assume that some civilizations are thousands or even millions of years ahead of us.  The space time gap is a huge barrier for our type 0 civilization but a type 3 or 4 civilization will likely have mastered ways to manipulate space and time.  The Drake equation sums it up pretty well.  He estimates 10000 civilizations in out galaxy alone with all factors considered.  I would bet my left nut that intelligent life is pretty common.  

Jan 17, 14 12:08 pm

I would also bet that we have been visited in the past.  Probably by drones or probes.  Wouldn't make sense for them to actually come here physically because they could just use avatar type androids and experience the trip without leaving their home planet.  Communication on the other hand would be unlikely because they probably view us like primitive animals.  When we go on safari we stay in the car.  

Jan 17, 14 12:13 pm

I would trade my right nut for a chance to see their built environments.  I'm certain that it is beyond anything we imagine in any sci fi.  

Jan 17, 14 12:15 pm

Except that the more advanced a civilization is, the more likely it is that they would tend to view us as plankton or a virus that should be completely eradicated. Human history is a good example of that.

In Lilo and Stitch humanity is protected, but only as a food source for the galactically endangered mosquito.

Jan 17, 14 12:33 pm
Saint in the City

Glad this is being worked out.

Jan 17, 14 12:39 pm

I'm actually thinking that I might have been visited by an alien one night while sleeping.

I woke and could've sworn there was a tall old-looking (white haired) person in my roon about to touch my foot.  It absolutely scared teh hell out of me as I jumped out of bed kicking screaming and throwing pillows. Actually sprained my toe as I kicked the wall with such force.

Once I calmed down I realized it was probably just a hallucinognic dream.  I later conisederd the possibility that it was a ghost and I tried to find out if anybody ever died where I lived but that proved to be unlikely.

I'm now thinking that it might have been a alien visit but I probably spooked they shit out of him with my violent reaction.  I also thought that it looked a bit like an older version of myself.  As I'm clearly a person on a spiritual journey to homo luminous I'm now wondering if it wasn't an "alienized" future version of myslef time travelling back to somehow guide me.  I screwed up thaat opportunity but I'm sure I'll get another chance and will be more receptive to the immortal starchild version of myself

Anybody else have possible alien encounters?

Jan 17, 14 1:06 pm

90% of my clients have been aliens. 

Jan 17, 14 1:45 pm

i have a + blood type, so i'm 100% human and plan on the same brief lifespan all other humans have always experienced.  aliens tend to avoid me.

Jan 17, 14 2:09 pm

It's mind blowing to know that i'm no t compatible with rhesus monkey blood and that means I'm probably half-alien myself.  possibly even part reptilian.  I'm trying to deal with it now.

Jan 17, 14 2:19 pm

23andMe is the only way to know for sure.

Jan 17, 14 3:49 pm

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