Been gone for 6 years, what did I miss?


The title pretty much sums it up.  I've been pretty consumed with my career in custom residential construction, and then image-based internet marketing.  Which doesn't leave much time to follow the world of Starchitects, material advances, and new DI rankings.  

So, give me a quick run-down of what I missed in the world of Architecture.

As a quick reference point, Koolhaas, Thom Mayne, Zaha, and Daniel "Watch me shit angles" LIebeskind were all hot back then, and everyone hated them.  Any up and comers I need to know about these days?  Any great projects I missed?  

I'm not asking for a super-exhaustive list, just some highlights that stick out in your mind.  And before you accuse me of laziness, I want you to know I am fully capable of reading the articles, going back in the forum, using The Googles.  I just want to know what struck a chord with you guys.


Thanks in advance,


Dec 4, 13 6:03 pm
a mouse

Per Corell was hired by Zaha to direct her new 3dH vagina department

Dec 4, 13 6:34 pm

"Watch me shit angles" is perfect.

The AIA is in the middle of a major repositioning process called "RePositioning". It's actually pretty interesting as they are looking at reorganizing the whole, um, organization. Let's say restructuring the organization.  if there's ever been a good time to make your voice known as to what you think the AIA should be focusing on, now is the time to do so.

Thom Mayne's Perot Museum blew me away.  Zumthor has proposed a huge LA museum that so far, to me, seems underwhelming. And really freaking expensive.

BIG opened a New York office and Bjarke proceeded to charm the pants of every stone-hearted Manhattanite on the island.

SHoP is proposing an improbably tall and skinny residential tower. I have dreams about this building.

Dec 4, 13 8:21 pm

Curtkram, I bet there were a lot of new words thrown around in that discussion, but it looks interesting to say the least. Mouse, not only did you get audible laughter out of me, I actually spit my beer on my phone. LB, that's a great list. Exactly what I was looking for.  I'm a Thomas Mayne Fanboy, and Zumthor seems to have fizzled in my book. I'm not familiar with BIG  or Bjarke. I'll have to check them out. 

What ever came of the MoMA debacle? 

Dec 4, 13 8:39 pm

don't forget, Rafael Viñoly used one of his buildings to melt a car.

Dec 4, 13 8:43 pm
chatter of clouds

sorry, but how did Bjarke charm anyone's pants? Have you seen his discussion with nasty-nice Prescon Scott Cohen? yikes, embarrassing, cringe material.

Dec 4, 13 8:49 pm

As far as I know MoMA still hasn't made a decision on Folk Art, but Barry Bergdoll left.  (In my totally uninformed opinion, he left because of the controversy over Folk Art.  But really that;s just gossip based on nothing but my own wishes.)

Dec 4, 13 9:23 pm

not much ... still a desert out there of same contemporary stuff and people

Dec 5, 13 7:56 am

AECOM is #7?

Dec 5, 13 10:30 am

I've never heard of AHMM.  I'm guessing several of these firms are admired for their business success, not their design skills - which is fine, but is a reminder that mushy surveys like this don't really mean anything unless one looks closely at how the question was posed and who was asked.  How is "admired" defined?

Dec 5, 13 10:33 am

It's funny, the person who showed me this had never heard of them, nor have I.

The only point i was trying to make was that some architects, for some reason, like BIG. I'm not trying to promote the accuracy of the list, or put any real weight on its findings.

Dec 5, 13 10:39 am

i like BIG.  they do a good job of producing eye-candy.

Dec 5, 13 11:31 am

Buildings still need doors, windows sometimes, and toilets..fewer people need buildings.

Dec 5, 13 12:15 pm

Thanks, natematt.  No criticism of you intended by criticizing the survey.  It's kind of a weird thing to survey.  And yes, some architects like BIG, as do lots of style writers at the NYTimes etc. They adore him.

Dec 5, 13 12:29 pm

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Jun 3, 16 8:38 am

Caption: Spank me, I'm a building designer

Jun 3, 16 1:56 pm

rfuller, this was great timing since I've been gone roughly the same amount of time...

Jun 3, 16 3:19 pm

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