Anyone know where I can find these hinges???

I've been looking everywhere for these, and asking around, but no luck. If anyone knows where I can find hinges like this in Los Angeles, or online, please let me know. Thanks! (And excuse the low-quality camera phone images ;)

Apr 13, 09 5:18 pm
liberty bell

That's honestly the oddest hinge I've ever seen. I'm almost convinced it's an ad hoc adaptation, in other words a truly "custom", but not standard.

That said, surely Hafele has something. Or Outwater Plastics - they tend to have knowledgeable salespeople; you could probably send an email with those images and if the hinge exists they'll find it for you.

Apr 13, 09 5:34 pm

It's been confirmed as a real hinge used mid-century. I only need two and they're super hard to find. I'll check out those recs ib - thanks!

Apr 13, 09 5:52 pm
el jeffe

perhaps try youngdale or amerock

this is an amerock hinge that seems 'close' to yours?

Apr 13, 09 6:25 pm

Wait -- that's a cabinet hinge, not a door hinge -- I swear I've seen that somewhere -- will look through the standbys

Apr 13, 09 6:37 pm

it's called a pivot hinge I think
looks a bit like this this

Apr 13, 09 7:04 pm

Fay Jones used those hinges in some of his Fayetteville houses. Maybe you should sign up for a house tour, and see if the owner has any laying around in a drawer.

Apr 13, 09 7:09 pm
liberty bell

Yeah, architectural salvage might be a good place to start too. Around here they tend to mostly have mainly 1920s era stuff, but they are starting to have some MidCenMod just lately.

You might also try Rejuvenation - they do some antique hardware selling, and again offer amazing customer service.

Apr 13, 09 7:30 pm

Thank you to all who responded! Haven't found an exact match yet, but I'm much closer with your suggestions. I like the Fay Jones home tour option ;)

Apr 13, 09 11:52 pm

Yes -- pivot hinge (one manufacturer calls it a knife hinge, though that's not quite right). Try Stanley, or Amerock. The slotted installation was quite typical; another style, with a wedge-shaped screw plate, are installed at top and bottom of the door.

Apr 14, 09 12:00 am

The one shown above by el jeffe is the top/bottom mount style. The tapered portion can be mortised flush into the door, for a minimal top/bottom door gap (reveal).

Apr 14, 09 12:03 am

damn, i couldn't post at work. but yeah, it's pivot. in looking around, it might be something you'd have to get custom made for exact replica, i haven't before seen the full wrap.

Apr 14, 09 12:28 am

Not a perfect match. Are you trying to replace one of these hinges, or are you starting from scratch ? Does the finish matter ?

Apr 14, 09 1:10 am
Devil Dog

you might also try asking cabinet makers. not the production shops but the custom fab shops that have been around a long time.

if you still have access to the site, go back and examine a hinge closely. it might have a manufacturers stamp or some makers tooling on it. you might even try to take a door and hinge apart.

Apr 14, 09 10:39 am

Looking for a mark is a good idea. In my experience, logos, etc are always stamped on the face, not the back, of hardware like this. . .

Apr 14, 09 11:03 am

Man, I have looked in all my go-to catalogues for a similar jamb-mounted offset pivot cabinet hinge, and CANNOT find it! This is a good hunt, Paul!

I even tried the marine hardware catalogues... you never know. They are great sources for weird hardware. No such luck though.

Apr 14, 09 1:53 pm

MacMurray Pacific in San Francisco -- do you have a branch in LA ?

Scroll down to p 778

Apr 14, 09 2:44 pm

My parents, both architects, used this hinge in the house they designed in the mid 1960's.  I'm replicating the same cabinets in my house.

This looks like the same hinge:

Nov 7, 17 11:36 pm

We have those exact hinges, and I'm working on cleaning ours up - because the only ones I've found are merely a close match. All of my baby pictures match our kitchen, so circa 1965-ish.  The ones that were closest were NICO brand on the Hardware Tree website. Did you ever find a match????     Do you also bychance have approximately 1 1/2 x 2" rectangular cabinet pulls, copper or brass on a 1" center? Most of the pulls only have one screw in the middle - these have two. If you find a supplier for these, please pass along the info. For now, we're trying our best to clean up and/or repaint what we've got. It's a challenge!  

Nov 25, 17 7:16 pm

Thank you so much for posting here! I found the exact pivot hinge I've been looking for thanks to you!!!


I know this is an old thread but if anyone is looking for Amerock 1247 pivot hinges, just email Amerock and if possible include a photo of the hinge. Their email is

Feb 14, 18 4:59 pm

i would appreciate any direction/help someone might be able to give me ... i have an antique chinese cabinet which traveled with my family from hong kong to canada and to the u.s.  over the years one of the doors warped and the hinges on that door became damaged ... i've had the door de-warped as best as possible and now have to replace all four hinges ... and am having difficulty finding appropriate hinges ... i realize i can't find the exact ones but am wanting to find ones as close to them as possible ... their size is a little off the typical sized hinges ... i need hinges that are 5"L x 3.5" W ... i would be happy to send/forward a photo of my cabinet to whomever if someone can help/guide me ... thank you ...

Apr 15, 19 12:22 pm
atelier nobody

Try Liz's Antique Hardware, 457 S. La Brea

Apr 15, 19 1:13 pm

I alway go to Carter Hardware on Robertson Blvd. when I'm trying to source things like this. If you call and then email them your photo I think the chances are good that Tony Carter or someone there will know.

Apr 16, 19 2:58 pm

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