Timeship Employment


cant believe this guy is STILL out there... I remember seeing the same ad 11 years ago....

I cant imagine a worse project to put in your portfolio. Just say no kids.

Nov 19, 13 4:38 pm
Non Sequitur

There is a sucker born every-minute.

Nov 19, 13 4:53 pm


Just scratches the surface of how illegitimate architecture has become as a field of study.

I'm sure it pays just like my last architecture job, peanut shells. Typical ad this day and age.

^ Like non sequitur mentioned.

Nov 19, 13 6:34 pm
This place is the next town away from 20 minute drive....last time I drove through there nothing was going on....they have a nice sign though...
Nov 19, 13 8:52 pm

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