Working at OMA or JDS or BIG

After 5 years of studying architecture And 1 year as a site architect Im now looking for a job in one of these three offices OMA, JDS or BIG

I need to know how much is the salaries and which office is best as a work environment??

Please help me ^_^
Sep 30, 13 10:39 am
Sep 30, 13 11:08 am

I would have to say, the salaries will be very low and the hours will be very long. Similar to a sweat shop. But you are working for near Gods, so who needs money or a life?

Sep 30, 13 11:12 am

Aziz, don't let anyone distract you from your dreams, I haven't seen your portfolio, but there is one thing I know; you'd be a wonderful addition to any of those firms.

Sep 30, 13 11:25 am
Thank u @b3tadine and @Nice

but I need to know how much is the salary or at least the range of it before I start any thing so I can decide.
Sep 30, 13 12:18 pm

By their standards, you are considered an intern for maybe the first half year or more that you're there.  Call it a "trial" period if you will.  Your stipend would likely be under 2k a month.

Given everything goes well, don't expect more than low 30s for the NYC offices.  I can't say what it is for the Rotterdam / Copenhagen offices.

I don't know what you mean by "best office environment." You just around. I don't think you're in a position to really know what office environment is best for you.

Sep 30, 13 1:05 pm

Why do interns accept these working conditions? At best, you have a 5 year degree which means above average student loans to pay off. I went to a decent school and have $550/month payments and consider myself very lucky that they are so low, because I know people in our field paying up to $1000/month for their education. I can't see people paying this much monthly on a 30k salary in NYC, it makes absolutely no sense.

The way that these offices operate is that they are all "starchitects" so they consider themselves to be doing better work than everyone else. In reality, they enter far too many competitions or spend countless hours on conceptual projects that do not bring in revenue for them. Because they have poor business skills, their interns suffer with the believe that they are "paying their dues" so that one day they can run their own shoddy business.

I don't know about anyone else, but after all the work that I put in for the degree I would like to be fairly compensated. End rant.

Sep 30, 13 2:04 pm

Before you start thinking about salaries and work environment I would send in your portfolio and see if you even get a response. Most likely you wont be hearing back from all three.

That should help narrow your decision

Sep 30, 13 4:59 pm
Too true jello

Apply, get an offer, ask about salary, check rent and cost of living, then decide.

We're a small office and only take a handful of applicants every year. We can pick and choose. Places like those can be pickier and choosier. There is no certainty about getting a job to begin with. Assume wages will be lower the better the office.
Sep 30, 13 6:14 pm

The best thing after graduation is to engage in some small firm and develop it. Actually, most of today's starchitects made their way to the top NOT by working in a big corporation, so I think that this will advise you in something.

Sep 30, 13 8:04 pm

How religious have you been all your life?  are you hardcore devoted to your God? xD  All I'll say is unless they came looking for you, be prepared to become a slave. ;P

Oct 1, 13 9:59 pm

you forgot to put  REX-NY 

Oct 2, 13 9:48 pm

I have friends who did internships at BIG and JDS and they got paid around $1000.

In offices like that you don't get a job. You first get an internship position and then you'll get a "job".

I don't know much about OMA, but at BIG and JDS the easiest way to get an internship is if you know anybody who work there and did that can refer you. At BIG they get between 200-300 application every month and they pick out application according to school you are from and if you know anybody at the office.  

Oct 3, 13 5:51 pm

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