How to present construction drawings at an interview?


I have an interview for a CAD drafting position and I have one example of a CD set for each of the clients I worked for (5 total).  What is the best way to present?  They are printed at 11x17 (1/2 size).  Should they be rolled?  Should I bind them in an 11x17 (or close) portfolio case?  Or should I bind them in the 8x10 portfolio case I already have and fold each page (I usually fold in half then fold 1/4 back over so nothing looks blank but is easy to pull out).  Any suggestions will help!


Sep 16, 13 7:22 pm

My advice would be to bring each 11x17 set to the interview bound separately. I wouldn't think it important to bind them in what you call a "portfolio case" -- keep it simple so they are easy to review on a set by set basis. If you can avoid rolling them, that would be best. Under no circumstances should you fold the pages -- that makes review a pita.

My only other advice would be to assume that the person across the table from you has seen a set of CDs before -- I can't tell you the number of times candidates have felt the need to explain every last aspect of the drawing sets they bring to the interview, which can become quite tedious and not at all endearing. If I have questions about a particular set -- or your role in preparing the set -- I'm going to ask.

Sep 16, 13 11:04 pm

don't worry.. you could crumple them up and spill coffee on them and still be hired if your work looks exceptional :) 

Sep 17, 13 1:50 am

Like a frigging architect, with a big roll of your most detailed drawings, red-lined and noted up, preferably tattered and ratty from use on site.

Sep 18, 13 10:28 am

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