connect a laser distance meter and create SketchUp models

Tobias Picard

Hello Archinect community,


My name is Bert van't Veer and I am the lead developer of Yuzu, a software suite by Picard Innovations aimed at professionals in the field of measuring spaces and buildings. Part of this platform is an extensive SketchUp plugin which allows you to connect a laser distance meter (Leica only for now) and create SketchUp models while taking measurements in real time. Yuzu also offers a set of useful tools to automate common tasks and get things done more easily. Eventually this will be a commercial plugin, although no pricing has been set yet.

Yuzu is designed to aid in Architecture, Surveying, Interior Design, Engineering and Construction, Project Development and Facility Management. We think the tools can be useful in other areas as well, such as game development and realtime presentations, as it allows to generate continuous building models from simple floor layouts. In the near future we will also support generating certified building reports from models created with Yuzu.

For now, Yuzu only supports the Windows version of SketchUp, however a MacOS driver is in the making. Yuzu will work with both SketchUp and SketchUp Pro 8.0 or higher. Only metric units are supported at this point, so please select a corresponding template (meters/millimeters).

Here are some of the basic features Yuzu offers:

- Getting measurement data directly from a Leica Distometer with Bluetooth.
- Create 3D floorplans by drawing simple layouts with common SketchUp tools.
- Punch holes for doors and windows and create columns by measuring offsets
- Measured extrude function
- Angle measurement
- Distance measurement (move objects by measuring the space between them)

We are currently releasing the first beta and we would very much appreciate the Archinect community to have a look at it. Many functions are still incomplete or missing, but we hope you get the idea of what you can do with Yuzu. We are looking forward to your feedback so we can improve Yuzu to meet your needs.


The download can be found at, please subscribe to the forums to get access.



Bert van't Veer
Picard Innovations

Sep 3, 13 4:31 am

Send me a Leica Distometer and I'll be happy to beta test the software for you.

Sep 3, 13 10:19 am  · 
I agree w miles. Sounds very interesting. But need the meter. Curious that you don't do feet and inches
Sep 3, 13 6:34 pm  · 

The issue I have with alot of CAD based measuring tools is that they don't provide the freedom (or intuition) that a good sketch and multiple measurements can provide.  Tablets are awesome for measuring Class A office spaces, but terrible for complex, typically older buildings with funky angles, radi and other junk in their geometry.  It would be nice to see surveying software work in tandem with a stylus or other means of providing freehand line work for instances that are too complex for simple measuring operations.

Sep 4, 13 12:01 am  · 

we use larger 3D Scanners to get whole model rather then just single distances. (PS: applicable for retrofiring)

Sep 4, 13 2:24 am  · 
Eugenia hope

Any update on this app?  Choosing between Leica lasers now and would love this capability. 


Nov 9, 17 5:22 pm  · 

Boa tarde,

Eu tenho trabalhado com um Leica Disto D510 Laser Trena por mais de 7 anos, realizando medições em massa. Preciso saber se existe alguma maneira de importar medições Trena diretamente para o SketchUp, onde eu já projetaria essas medidas de ângulo e inclinação? Atualmente, uso o Leica Transfer App para fazer o download de medidas para uma planilha do Excel, mas não sei como importá-lo para o SketchUp. Eu li sobre o Plugin YUZU que faz este trabalho, mas eu não consigo encontrar um link de download mais. Se eles puderem ajudar obrigado desde o momento!

Mar 20, 18 4:04 pm  · 

This could be extremely useful, when do you see being compatible with MacOS systems?


Apr 25, 18 11:27 am  · 

Where can i download this? I have a leica disto s910 and would like to test it out.

Sep 15, 19 10:13 am  · 

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