Six figures


Apparently Yahoo thinks architectural PMs make a 6 figure salary...which is a stark contrast to the articles they used to spew out regarding our profession...

Two extremes from Yahoo, garbage either way if you ask me.

Sep 2, 13 1:51 pm

Just looking for page views...I recommend not clicking on the link. Don't need to feed the beast. 

Sep 2, 13 2:52 pm

Does this include decimal places?

Sep 2, 13 3:14 pm

It is true that Architectural and Engineering Managers, as an average of that group, are paid well. Drill down the data in the Bureau of Labor Statistics to architects that are not engineers or landscape architects and you will see a median wage by location which is in line with the salary poll on archinect provided you throw out the obviously false entries. The figure in the article is correct but not a specific figure for our industry. 

Architects are paid comparably but slightly less to complete a job however the profit is destroyed in the unforeseen contingencies and the constant changes. Engineers can get to a defined point of completion and the results have diminishing returns with added labor. Architects will blunder about redesigning while a project is in working drawings or clients will sometimes direct changes in later phases.   

Fees were once pretty good. An architect would make a good living on an apartment, office... commission in the 20th century. The apartment was symmetrical about the x axis and y axis of the plan. The plan would repeat with minor modifications like circulation at each floor. They would mostly design and draw 1/4 of a plan and flip it around for the remaining area and copy it for the remaining floors. Then computers came along and made some things better but they brought about a new set of costs.  The fee structure pays well when you do what it takes to get the job done and not a penny more. But noooooo, you gotta put your brand stink all over it and screw around with trace paper doodles because you can't live with getting it right the first time. Someone isn't happy until they feel like an artist. And that is the way it is because we don't want to make Soviet human storage buildings. Electing to make the world better is on us and that is why we elect not to make the same money as the engineers. 

Sep 4, 13 4:40 pm

A lot of PM's I've worked with who have up to 10-15 years of experience are well into the 6-figure range.  that would be my expectation as well.

Sep 9, 13 3:36 pm
Abigail Becky

Wow, I think that it is necessary to enough experience.

Nov 19, 13 2:17 am
On the fence

Didn't Mr Brady make six figures.  I mean he had his own three sons, a new wife, three new daughters and a live in maid/nanny with a 6-7 or 8 bedroom house.  They even took vacations to Hawaii.

Oh to be an architect in the 70's

Nov 19, 13 9:50 am

I doubt the Mr. Brady was making 6 figures in the seventies.  Because back in that era even a lot of banking/wall street type salaries were quite modest.  Hence the lingo from that era was you're making a good salary if you are "making your age", that is , $30K at 30 years old, $40K at 40 years old etc.  Hurrah for inflation!

Nov 19, 13 10:16 am
won and done williams

Greg, Peter, and Bobby shared a room; Marcia, Jan, and Cindy also shared a room. Of course, Mr. and Mrs. Brady had their own room. We never saw Alice's room though I assume she had one. So, probably a 4 bedroom house. Mr. Brady had a nice den that I think he sometimes worked out of. They would occasionally go to Disneyland, Hawaii, or the Grand Canyon. It looked like they all shopped at the thrift store. All said and done, I'm not entirely convinced Mr. Brady made $100K.

Nov 19, 13 10:42 am

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