What is the fastest way to become a licensed architect in EU?


I've researching in various ways of becoming a licensed architect in the EU. I have almost all the NCARB exams and hours complete - not sure if that makes any difference though. Some options are doing the RIBA part 1,2 & 3 - but getting reciprocity for part 1 & 2 is uncertain and costly.
Other options were to apply either ETHZ or Politecnico di Milano and do the 2 year masters to essentially be on par with the EU graduates.
I have EU citizenship. Is each country different for the licensing procedures? Is there some website I could look at?
Any tips would be helpful.
Is this crazy or possible?

Sep 30, 08 10:58 pm

become a licensed Architect here and go through the Netherlands.

They have a site in English. Google it!

Oct 1, 08 12:31 am

you don't have to be licensed in the US first. visit

your degree will have to be accessed first as it is non-EU.

Oct 1, 08 7:25 am

So is Netherlands the best place for it to get accessed? Could I then have the EU license transferred to another EU country?
I'll check the dutch website. Thanks P2an & make for the feedback...does anybody else have any experience with this?

Oct 1, 08 10:04 am

i am interested in the same and am in the same boat.

Oct 1, 08 12:36 pm

check out the wonderland start up 3 part magazine thing...

actually compared all the countries and their requirements...

Oct 1, 08 1:30 pm

btw, the nl system is currently under review and may well soon be changed into a system more inline with US and UK post graduation requirements.

Oct 1, 08 3:20 pm

postal, where do I find this comparison wonderland start up 3 part magazine - what is that and where do I find it?

Oct 1, 08 11:39 pm

press, this is your lucky day...go to

Oct 4, 08 4:41 pm

that's was i was looking for...thanks p2an.

Oct 4, 08 5:14 pm

how to find out  a licenced architect in latvia

Nov 18, 19 7:38 am
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