"La Sapienza"University of Rome, Is that a Positive answer?


I am an Architect, graduated at "La Sapienza"University of Rome on 5-years course (3 years bachelor degree + 2 years master degree with 2 years of experience in Albania in different positions in important  buildings.

I have tried to contact the German large firms by sending them my CV and Portfolio.I have received some answers like:

We are impressed by your background and your professional experience but  we don't have any vacancies for the moment,or we have chosen another candidate that matches more closely our requirements.We will keep your CV in our file to review for future openings.In the case we will not hesitate to contact you.

I repute these  as positive answers , but as I am a foreigner and this  is the first time that I apply for a job in Germany, I am not sure about this.

Do you repute this a positive answer or it can be a traditional answer to thank the candidate for the application and  interest he

has shown for the firm?

Thank you 

Aug 19, 13 3:42 pm

I saw your OP, and wish I could add more to this, but I am only marginally acquainted with the "system" over there.  So here goes, based on some analogous situations in the U.S.

Personally, I think that sounds like a traditional answer thanking you for your interest in their firm.  Since you said "sending them," I assume you are in Italy or Albania, and not in Germany.  If so, how do you foresee actually interviewing?  I know that Italy is seeing an exodus of young college grads, in ALL fields, because things are not great, and Germany has always been a destination for Italians when their economy isn't offering much.  Also, I've heard that there is work to be had in some industries and cities in Germany, but it's not immediate in some cases, which can be frustrating.

In the U.S., whether you can snag a job in another city, from a distance, depends on 1) the market in THAT city, and 2) the right level of experience (time, building type) for that firm.  Right after my internship and the exams, I used a friend's address and got a phone in a certain market because I sensed resistance to out-of-towners, and it worked.

I know that Roma-La Sapienza is a good school.  I think your school is a good thing, and that, what, Roma, Firenze, Politecnico di Milano, and one more (Torino or Genova), are the best architecture schools in Italy.  Are there La Sapienza alumni in Germany you could contact?   Do you have friends or relatives in Germany who could provide lodging for you as you search for a job, so you don't consume resources?

Aug 20, 13 10:36 pm

I started just by sending  CV-s, because I thought this was the wright way to contact the firms as everywhere applications function like this,But I have no problems going to in Germany or England or any Europian Country and contact directly the companies.

Do you think is better to phone them or have a direct contact by visiting them?

I have relatives also in Usa in Boston but I don't know the situation there.

By your experience do you think that Italian Architecture Universities are appreciated in USA,or do you know Italians that have found a job by applying directly to the large companies in USA ,having a Italian Degree in Architecture from a Good School?

Aug 21, 13 11:53 am

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