Providing install services as an architect


I'm confused about the role of an architect vs. a general contractor.   I want to provide some of the materials like tile, cabinetry/finish carpentry, lighting, and plumbing fixtures.   It seems an interior designer can offer these services so why cant an architect?  Plus, when I remodeled my own house, I provide these things for myself without the general contractor.  

There are many reasons for why I would want provide these installs myself:

1.  I dont like how my design is messed up by general contractor.  He wants to save money and so redesign things like cabinetry to his own tastes, (which I usually dont like)

2.  I want to make sure that the greywater system is installed properly by the plumber who I work closely with

3.  In short, I dont make enough money as an architect... I am the designer and I have carefully drawn in everything and want to have control over how things look in the end.

Aug 17, 13 1:36 pm

sorry - what's your question? why don't architects oversee the installation and/or provide materials more often? or something else?

Aug 17, 13 2:45 pm

Why dont architects provide materials and install?  

Architects are not allow to control the construction means and methods and sequencing.  How am I allowed to act as an interior designer providing the materials and install without being the general contractor?

Is something wrong with the way AIA contract documents are written?

Aug 17, 13 4:37 pm

You can its called Architect Led Design-Build. look it up

Aug 17, 13 5:16 pm

If the work is not executed according to approved plan or spec it is your responsibility to reject it.

If the work is not sufficiently specified or detailed it is your fault.

If you want to make more money that's a different problem entirely.

Aug 18, 13 11:30 am

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