Charles Jencks - The Story of Post-Modernism: Five Decades of the Ironic, Iconic and Critical in Architecture

>>>In The Story of Post-Modernism, Charles Jencks, the authority on Post-Modern architecture and culture, provides the defining account of Post-Modern architecture from its earliest roots in the early 60s to the present day. By breaking the narrative into seven distinct chapters, which are both chronological and overlapping, Jencks charts the ebb and flow of the movement, the peaks and troughs of different ideas and themes...


Jul 23, 13 1:36 pm
Kos Scarpa Kos

>>>t author of the cover is the Dutch artist Madelon Vriesendorp,  wife of architect Rem Koolhaas

Jul 24, 13 6:00 pm

The irony of the title just hit me.

Less so for architecture, but in other humanities fields the concept of post-modernism is completely antithetical to a grand, overarching narrative.  Instead, the PM project is all about multiple narratives, conflicting viewpoints, and subaltern voices typically excluded from The Story.

Jul 24, 13 7:36 pm

But 'the story' of Post-Modern architecture indeed comprises multiple narratives, conflicting viewpoints, and subaltern voices. From the very beginning Jencks described the language of Post-Modern architecture as schizophrenic, even.

Jul 25, 13 8:29 am

It's just the title that strikes me, that's all.

Jul 25, 13 11:42 am

It's just your second paragraph that strikes me, that's ironic.

Jul 25, 13 12:13 pm


Jul 25, 13 12:29 pm
Joe Soda

Didn't Jencks invent Post-Modernism?  Isn't the story of post-modernism therefore the story of Charles Jencks?

Aug 1, 13 10:45 am

@Joe do you mean in architecture or generally? He may have been one of first to use in context of architecture (not sure) but definitely not generally.

Aug 1, 13 11:07 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

>>>1 note

On 2012 Jencks offered a critical analysis called "Notes on the Complexities of Post-Modernism", of the V&A's exhibition, "Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970-1990" in 1 review. Although Jencks was represented in the exhibition, he criticised the curators for trying to "tell the story of Post-Modernism with objects and style alone."

Aug 14, 13 2:52 pm

Oscar Wilde's comma  - The comma between "Vriesendorp, Koolhaas"

Jul 31, 17 7:23 am

Post Modernism: The New Inhumanism

Jul 31, 17 4:45 pm

This one is pretty great.

Aug 1, 17 3:14 pm

Oscar Wilde's comma? - The comma between "post, modernism"

Aug 8, 17 10:21 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

Oscar Wilde's comma? - The comma between "Great, Architect"

Aug 18, 17 4:11 am

How many Scarpa Kos's are there? So confusing.

Aug 18, 17 6:11 am

me + twins

Oscar Wilde, C.3.3.

Sep 2, 17 9:57 am

Oscar Wilde's comma? - The comma between "art, architecture"

Sep 19, 17 7:32 am

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