Becoming an "Autodesk Certified User" - Valuable to a Recent Graduate?


Hello all,

I am a recent bachelors of architecture graduate, and like many recent grads, I am looking for ways to set myself apart from my peers in the hopes of employment.

While I have experience using Revit and have used it in previous internships, I feel many potential employers want applicants who are also very comfortable in AutoCAD and 3ds Max. I have very little experience using these programs, but would like to become comfortable with them in the hopes of securing a job. Since I am not working at an architecture firm right now that would potentially provide me with this experience, I looked into becoming an "Autodesk Certified User." The test itself isn't very expensive, but I would probably need to take a class or have some other form of education in order to pass the test ($400+).

Have you heard of many peers becoming an "Autodesk Certified User"? Do you believe it is an honorable achievement, or an unnecessary hurdle? Would I benefit more from something else entirely?

Here is the autodesk certification website for more information:

Thank you for any input!

Jul 18, 13 1:09 am

no—don't bother with the certification. that is not helpful for architectural designers. if you wish to prove your competency with a given program, just include nice drawings or renderings created via it in your portfolio.

Jul 18, 13 9:52 am

I'd second the motion.  No.

I would recommend looking into LEED AP and CDT.  Try to get your hands on a copy of the (PRM) Project Resource Manual, put out by the (CSI) Construction Specifications Institute, to study for the Construction Documents Technologist (CDT) exam... (hooray for abbreviations).

You might also consider looking at what can earn you IDP hours when you aren't employed  by an architect or engineer (of which there are many).

Jul 18, 13 9:55 pm

Has anyone had experience with the CDT exam?  Is it worthwhile?

Jul 19, 13 12:23 am
boy in a well

unless you are branding yourself as an ambitionless cad jockey, "certified" userage is like saying you went to community college.

which is great if that's what you did.

Jul 19, 13 5:19 am

Thinking they are wishing they had aged the wood siding before installing , that way it would tend to blend in more with the hill side instead of looking like a pimple on a fat ass.

Jul 19, 13 3:46 pm
boy in a well

are you sleep-posting?

sir, your thread is down the hall, left, up the stairs, left again, two doors down - by the Twomblies.

Jul 20, 13 1:10 am

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