Witch software should i choose for modeling and witch one for rendering..??


Hey guys...Im totally new here  :) ! Im an architecture student and want to start learning a 3d app... witch of the following options do you think is the best for modelling and rendering in architecture..??

1) doing all the modeling and rendering in 3ds max and plugins

2) doing the modeling in Rhino and export it into 3ds max or Cinema 4d  and render it there  with Vray and other plugins...(max or 4d..? witch one matches better with Rhino files..? and witch is the better renderer ..?)

I have nearly zero experience in 3d ( I can only work with auto Cad and sketch up..) but i personally prefer Cinema 4d over 3ds max ( because of all the Motion graphic stuff you can do in it...and I've heard it really matches well with adobe apps witch i use...) but I am open to any other suggestion ....please just get me a specific answer..I'm pretty confused here :D

Thank U so much for your time....

Jul 11, 13 9:57 am

Spell check. The kind in Microsoft Word, not on a broomstick.

There is no specific answer, but learn one well and it will make it easier to learn another if you need to.

Jul 11, 13 4:06 pm

i prefer max.  never worked with rhino, but as with anything, modelling in max is easy once you do it enough for it to become easy.

a lot of people seem to like sketchup.

Jul 11, 13 4:11 pm
I highly recommend learning Rhinoceros

I use 3dsmax alot but rhinoceros is my bread and butter
Jul 11, 13 4:31 pm

Modeling: Ebony

Rendering: Watercolor.

Jul 11, 13 5:02 pm


Jul 11, 13 5:13 pm

i have a list of arsenal... depending on what is required, whether I need accuracy, ability to create cad drawings out of them, create physical models from the files or not, I select the software accordingly.

Max is good for quick modelling and visualization but not my choice if I need to create cad drawings out of it or need accuracy.

Rhino does better what Max doesn't but it can be slow if you're using nurbs.. that is where plugins like Tsplines come in though.

Rendering... it doesn't matter which software I use.. Vray comes in different packages

Jul 11, 13 10:48 pm

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