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other then our graphic guru, who are the best environmental graphics firms out there to collaborate with as consultants?

What about other folks like renfro who can do video/digital installations and such?

Jun 3, 08 2:23 pm

I'm biased, but I heart thomas.matthews. And they have a sort of fledgling US branch.

Obviously if you can afford them, [url=]Pentagram[/i] is the heavyweight.

I also enjoy the work of mgmt, and method.

Jun 3, 08 3:12 pm  · 

Bruce Mau
Pentagram NY and Lisa Strausfield
april greiman
deborah sussman

more prosaic
ralph appelbaum (mostly exhibit)
communication arts

Jun 3, 08 3:22 pm  · 

hmmm, most of those folks are graphic designers (and seem to have egos bigger then frank gehry's), plus they only dabble in environmental graphics/signage which is what I need.

finally had a moment to do my own search (thanks for the tips)

[url=]Sussman Prejza[url] - seems as good as they get.

carpman grant - like their humor, located in Michigan

Cloud Gehshan – in Philly, middle of the road

corbin Design - does lots of education work, fairly pedestrian (pun intended) sensibilities, in Michigan too.

what gives with Michigan? is it the cranbrook effect?

Jun 3, 08 6:04 pm  · 

The Green Book from Aedas. It has some nice graphic work. If you like it, I have the contacts.

Jun 3, 08 6:38 pm  · 

tk- I gave you people who are well known for environmental graphics. Does it make up 100% of their work? no, but that's like saying that an architect who also does office buildings and museums only "dabbles" in residential because it doesn't make up their entire body of work. If it brings home enough bacon that they devote a category of their website to it, then that's usually enough to get out of the "dabbler" category, especially since most don't bother to post the more basic projects on their sites. What exactly did you expect them to be other than graphic designers, btw?

From your mention of video installation, I got the impression you were interested in people who did more than slap a logo on the side of the bulding, which is what some of the people you linked to seem to do- video installation is generally more associated with exhibit design, which is one subcategory of environmental graphics, so that's where I thought you were headed with the question. How do you feel about a place the caliber of say, Studio SC? I would categorize them as somewhere in the middle- not super groundbreaking, but strong, occasionally imaginative work.

Jun 3, 08 9:28 pm  · 

anyone picked up lars muller's wayshowing?

Jun 3, 08 9:33 pm  · 

Lars Muller? huh? I'm borrowing a copy at the moment, and it clearly says Per Mollerup.... anyway, yes, fantastic book. Nice to see it really examined in a principled and categorical way, instead of the typical flashy "ooh, this looks pretty..." sort of graphic design book.

Jun 3, 08 9:35 pm  · 

ah, I see... publisher vs. author. How odd that they have such similar last names.

Jun 3, 08 9:50 pm  · 

i don't know what is left of metadesign (erik spiekerman) but they did some really nice work at the Frankfurt airport and the Berlin transit system. they have an sf office--i guess bill hiil is the new head honcho.

oh, and i don't know how i forgot paul mijksenaar. graphics at schiphol and now working in the us for the port authority. did the new terminal at JFK. just top notch. doig biz in the us as Mijksenaar USA.

Jun 4, 08 12:43 am  · 

rationalist - I guess that I was responding to the attitude and major focus of those folks. like in architecture where there are corporate firms that occasionally do houses or there are residential folks that occasionally do office buildings; my impressions of the first batch you linked were that they were better at industrial design/branding versus working in the built environment. Not that the bunch of folks I found are any good or bad.

I like Studio SC, they seem like fresh talent,.

Since I'm working on a proposal, I'm seeking a very specific set of skills and experience. Don't let that distract from the general discussion of what environmental graphics are or who does it good...

the video art side of what I'm looking for may fall into the purview of our public arts consultant to identify opportunities and potential folks.

Jun 4, 08 10:00 am  · 

thomas.matthews major focus is environmental graphics, and though it's only a branch of the business for Pentagram, they are so big that a branch of their business is at least equal to an entire business for anybody else. Cowerd bested me with remembering 2x4 though... when I was searching and remembered mgmt and method, they were who I was actually trying to remember.

I think that the issue is that environmental graphics covers a lot of ground: from wayfinding in buildings, parks or on roadways, to corporate signage, to exhibit design... I got confused for a second when you referred to some of the links posted as being "better at industrial design", because really most environmental graphics have an industrial design component. The vast majority of enviro people come to it from graphic design, but in a good office you'll find people who went to school for industrial design and sometimes even architecture as well, to round out the material and spatial side of things.

Jun 4, 08 10:14 am  · 

i'm in awe of 2x4- great work! that is the sort of stuff I'm talking about.

Jun 4, 08 11:14 am  · 


Back when I saw the title of this thread, and made comment above, I thought that it was in relation to this type of thing:

The Green Earth competition where you are asked to enter projects in to one or both
of the following 2 categories:

create a graphic artwork that illustrates the environmental protection
and how human beings and nature could coexist in a greener world.

give the gift of a greener world at christmas. create a graphic artwork that
will make this festive time of the year a moment to consider what we
can do to help our planet's survival. you can use iconic christmas motifs
in your design for example reindeers, trees, etc.

Jul 7, 08 6:38 pm  · 

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