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i'm milling 3/4" oak veneer plywood with a compression mill bit.  it's cutting cleanly for the most part but there is still quite a bit of splintering at the top along the edge of the veneer being milled.  would using a v-bit clean up the edges?  

what do people suggest?  thanks.  

Jun 22, 13 1:54 pm

Use a carbide router bit. Milling cutters are designed for metal, not wood.

Jun 22, 13 2:48 pm  · 

Thank you Miles, I will try one out.  

Jun 26, 13 1:27 am  · 

While checking out different bits, pay attention to whether the bit you are using is an upwards or downwards spiral. Upwards spirals pull out excess material more efficiently, but have a tendency to splinter the surface of wood. Downwards spirals put more downward force on the surface which prevents splintering, but does not remove debris as well.

Jun 26, 13 11:44 am  · 

If you're switching from a mill bit to a router bit, make sure the router bit is rated for the tool speed of your machine. Putting a consumer router bit in an industrial spindle can have nasty consequences.

Jun 26, 13 12:03 pm  · 

Woodworking spindle speeds are generally much higher than metalworking speeds. My Bridgeport mill maxes at around 2,700 rpm, my Bosch router at 25,000 rpm. You'll need a slow feed to compensate for the reduced rpm.

Jun 26, 13 6:58 pm  · 

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