Post something that soothes your soul, damn it !


It could be music, poetry, a picture, an article, a type of food, or anything that lifts your spirits.

The following is probably one of the most beautiful and evocative movie scores I have ever heard, though I'm not a fan of this genre of movie.  I don't think it garnered an Oscar in this year, which is perplexing, but it is amazing to me nonetheless.

Jun 12, 13 6:46 pm
Any of my favorite artists...The Rolling Stones, RHCP, REM, Tom Petty, the Doors...
Jun 12, 13 6:57 pm

The Time Machine Incarnate, the ever upward lift of the plane of the present.

In the year 2525, osmosis expanding outward, metabolism shrinking inward, and the structural network steadily growing toward full circle.

Jun 12, 13 7:08 pm
( o Y o )

Porn n'est pas acceptable ici.

Jun 12, 13 11:38 pm

old time rock and roll

Jun 12, 13 11:45 pm
Jono Lee
Now we all know jean nouvel gets turned on by a human skeleton
Jun 12, 13 11:54 pm

Porn n'est pas acceptable ici.

Tres drole.  Mais les notre reves sont acceptables.

Since we've dabbled in French, how about "l'Acadie," that being Acadia National Park in Maine, especially at peak fall color.  I've yet to go.  Check out the colors:

Jun 12, 13 11:56 pm


Jun 13, 13 12:55 am

Visualization of the stars

Jun 18, 13 9:55 pm

Ambient music and police it

Jun 18, 13 10:01 pm

@observant i too have always wanted to visit Acadia...

jla-x where is that?

Jun 18, 13 10:02 pm

Wim Mertens - Struggle for Pleasure

Jun 18, 13 11:08 pm
chatter of clouds

what makes me most at peace:

 a midnight swim. because its summer and very hot now. the sea water is warm and its really saltier than the mediterranean here so its even easier to float with little effort. i can then put my hands behind my head and look up at the moon. but best when i'm underneath. thats when i'm most content.

for the outer shells of the soul:

film wise, without a doubt Tarkovsky's The Mirror. many films i like and many more i don't - but without a doubt, thats the only one i have  sincere affection for.

music wise, here i am listening to Biber's passacaglia. There is something both soothing and compelling about the repetition of the descending tetrachord and variations built thereon. soul clipping and soul soothing in one. i hope to be able to play it one day.

poetry...i think the closest to my sensibility are Ted hughes and  Lorca. the first fills my mouth  and the second my spirit. there are quite a few others, like that brilliant chiaroscurist of a poet emily dickinson, but they are not as near.  

but i don't read poetry as much and i don't listen to quite as much music nowadays. i found that the act of consumption in itself does not give me peace of mind, once i became aware of the act of consumption. i wonder if i'm prone to cultural anorexia.


Jun 19, 13 7:53 am

Justin Beaver 

Jun 19, 13 8:03 am
chatter of clouds

OMG, are you that guy from youtube?

Jun 19, 13 8:38 am

so i clicked the justin beaver link, which might not be worth clicking.  but, before that, there was an add for a new lego movie.  that's right.  lego.  movie.  soul has been soothed.

Jun 19, 13 9:11 am

 I recently watched this and this conversation has been stuck in my mind.

Vishaan Chakrabarti " A Country of Cities"

Jun 19, 13 9:58 am

But Jazz really calms soothes my soul. Here guys, listen while you're at work playing computer games

Jun 19, 13 10:00 am

Nam, that's havasupai falls in the Grand Canyon. 

Jun 19, 13 11:14 am

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