3d Model of London? anyone?


anyone know where i might be able to find a 3d model of london? Sketchup or Rhino format...thanks in advance

May 5, 08 1:43 pm

i've managed to extract 3D buildings from GoogleEarth's NYC model. I don't know how much info is in the 3D London model, but this could be a start.

You have to fiddle around with this as it is command-line driven, but free is free. Exports to a .OBJ file which can be opened in Rhino. It is pretty cool if you can make it work.

May 5, 08 8:35 pm  · 
FOG Lite

Ask the people over at the Digital Urban blog, I know they were playing around with a London model.

May 5, 08 8:42 pm  · 

Were you able to find a 3d model of London? I am also seeking a digital model of London and tried GoogleEarth but it only has a few buildings. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Jul 2, 09 7:12 pm  · 

There is really good 3D Model of London, Manchester, Oxford, Croydon and many other UK cities. Check

Disclaimer - I work for Vertex Modelling.

Jun 24, 16 9:03 am  · 

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