Butterfly roof

Ok, I actually need some help with this one…



Rural studio

Utah design build

Bennett lavacott

Apr 10, 08 4:23 pm

no no no this is a butterfly roof

Apr 10, 08 4:36 pm
Apr 10, 08 4:37 pm
some person

Inscape Studio. Was Rick Schneider at VT the same time you were, holz?

Apr 10, 08 8:18 pm

I've always been a fan of the nguyen house by MC2 architects. Its really inspired by a banana leaf and not a butterfly, but I think it's beautiful.

Apr 10, 08 8:25 pm

just why, i'm in this century.

Apr 10, 08 11:22 pm
Apr 11, 08 4:42 pm
Erik Evens (EKE)

Here's one I designed:

Apr 11, 08 8:25 pm

more here

Apr 11, 08 9:54 pm

EKE, looks good: some more pics / floorplans / sections please ;-)

Apr 14, 08 5:58 am
Erik Evens (EKE)

Thanks, Mac. I'll try to put a few more photos up soon.

Apr 14, 08 12:54 pm

I just

Jan 27, 20 8:01 pm
atelier nobody

Wow, a necrobot that can't even finish it's sentences...sad.



Jan 31, 20 12:55 am

finished the sentence 

Jan 31, 20 12:55 am

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