wineries, weinguts and vinas

twas a little bored this pm and fighting off a cold.

so i thought it'd be interesting to take a little archi-winery tour.

no text, no thoughts. just images.

ready, steady, go...

novelty hill januik winery, WA

meteor vineyard, napa valley CA

dominus winery, napa valley CA

hugh newel jacobsen
boxwood winery, middleburg VA

olson sundberg
mission hill winery, westbank BC

kuwabara payne mckenna blumberg
jackson-triggs niagara estate, niagara on the lake ON

cantina ghidossi in cadenazzo CH

bearth &deplazes
gantenbein winery, fläsch CH

ssm architekten
degustationsraum probst, bellac CH

mathias klotz
las ninas winery, chile

sabbagh + cardemil
kingston winery, chile

jos cruz ovalle
bodega perez cruz, paine chile

petra winery in suvereto , Italy

renzo piano
cantina rocca di frassinello, gavorrano IT

walter angonese
weingut manincor, kaltern IT

kellerei kaltern, kaltern IT

alberto cecchetto
cantina mezzocorona, mezzocorona IT

bodegas ysios, la rioja ES

zaha hadid
tondonia winery, haro ES

Maria Viñé und Vicky Daroca
weingut martin berdugo in aranda de duero ES

jaime gaztelu quijano
bodegas otazu, echauri ES

ignacio quemada
bodegas juan alcorta, Logroño ES

rafael moneo architect
bodegas julián chivite, arinzano ES

iñaqui aspiazu
bodegas baigorri, samaniego, ES

sebastian mariscal
tercio winery

gerner gerner
weingut Leo Hillinger, burgenland AT

steven holl
loisium winery, langenlois AT

thaler.thaler architekten
weingut ploder rosenberg, st. peter AT

raum-werk-stadt architekten
weingut christ, wien AT

peter fellner, reinhard haslwanter
heuriger lackner, klein-engersdorf AT

weingut sattlerhof, gamlitz AT

otmar hasler
weingut renner, gols AT

ernst mauer
weingut ott, feuersbrunn AT

weidemann architekten
weingut krispel, straden AT

rolf rauner
weingut lackner-tinnacher, gamlitz AT

werner schüttmayr
weingut neumeister, straden AT

g2 plus grabensteiner architekten
weingut regele, ehrenhausen AT

wiedeschitz architekten
grenzlandhof reumann, deutschkreutz AT

anton mayerhofer
weingut esterhazy, eisenstadt AT

anton mayerhofer
weingut gesellmann, deutschkreutz AT

anton mayerhofer
weingut hans igler, deutschkreutz AT

pichler and traupmann
weingut schützenhof, deutsch-schützen AT

raimund dickinger
weingut weninger, horitschon AT

andreas burghardt
weingut loimer, langenlois AT

Rüdiger Fritz
vinothek la muhr, gmunden AT

creuz & quer this is holz's favorite...
wein.mariell großhöflein AT

igor skacel
weingut erwin sabathi, leutschach AT

new zealand
architecture workshop
peregrine winery, otago NZ

glenn murcutt
lerida estate winery, lake george AU

philip harmer architects
evelyn county estate, kangaroo ground vic AU

hofmann keicher ring
weingut am stein, würzburg DE

christine remensperger
weingut heid, fellbach DE

boris podrecca, mario lavrencic
vinska klet bric, novi bric SK

propeller z
weingut weninger, balf HU

ekler architect
disznoko winery, tokaj HU

andreas burghardt
weingut niepoort, napoles PT

adega mayor winery, campo maior PT

in the works

faustino winery

domino de pingus winery

Apr 7, 08 5:50 am
liberty bell

holz, you are the best. This was a beautiful way to start my Monday.

Apr 7, 08 9:12 am

gosh, I hope I'm never that bored

Apr 7, 08 9:40 am
Sarah Hamilton

WOW! Who knew there were so many Architectural wineries.

I wonder if the architect gets paid in cash, or wine....

Apr 7, 08 9:52 am

holz, hope you enjoyed a glass of petrus as you were assembling this thread. great typographical overview.

can distilleries or breweries be next?

Apr 7, 08 10:07 am

damn! that's a serious list.

a winery seems like it would be one of the best commissions, there's always such a rigorous investigation of site, context, history and program apparent in these projects...

don't forget to add Barozzi Veiga's Ribera del Duero winery in spain to the "in the works' category:

Apr 7, 08 11:24 am

also, i googled every combination of words I could think of but couldn't find this project... I remember seeing, maybe 2-3 years ago, a design for a winery that had a continuous interior wooden ceiling that waved in between the different rooms.. there was one rendering of a cross section of the project (half underground) that showed this, it had different curves and pitches depending on the room it was going through, it might have even been a reno but I don't remember... ringing any bells?

Apr 7, 08 11:44 am

tk -
no, but i did have a bottle of locally made merlot that easily rivals many fine bordeouxs.

it's not a total waste, this weekend i decided to do a quick precedent for a potential tank storage facility, the owner is kinda crazy.

also, i really like that Veiga winery. i would love to get to see that every evening.

Apr 7, 08 12:14 pm

Fantastic. Thanks-

Nov 25, 08 4:51 pm

I'm sure is kicking himself everytime holz starts a thread cause it a million + 1 images on the title loading each page.

But...I love this, makes me regret not taking a bottle of wine to bed

Nov 26, 08 2:39 am

wow, some really inspiring spaces, i think i'm personally drawn to the semi-subterranean walter angonese project in italy and the gorgeous glass box by iñaqui aspiazu in spain

Feb 4, 09 9:02 pm
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

I'm glad you had the peregrine winery in there. theres a good one by RCR Architectes as well, but too busy to find pictures right now...

Feb 4, 09 9:11 pm

RCR's bell-loc cellars?

Feb 4, 09 10:02 pm
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

yeah thats the one, but the second picture is a different project.

Feb 4, 09 10:16 pm

how could you leave out this one!

Feb 4, 09 10:56 pm

is that graves? it's friggin awful!

Feb 4, 09 11:06 pm
Sean Taylor

Um, yep. It's Clos Pegase.

Feb 4, 09 11:53 pm

wow, i love this thread!

Feb 4, 09 11:56 pm

about RCR, the second pic is actually a volcanic park, not far from the Bell-lloc cellars though... they use those cor-ten or rusted metal panels almost everywhere, sometimes red -corten red-, others black... they love oxidized metals

also they are doing another cellar in Catalonia, in Peralada.. a "sort of" biomorphic cellar... "sort of" landscaping a, er, "sort of" big Quaternary fossil ... or some "sort of" similar thing... sort of cool too:

Feb 5, 09 4:40 am

sort of out of size...

Feb 5, 09 4:43 am
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

yeah all these RCR projects are in the el croquis of their work - full-on stuff

Feb 5, 09 4:48 am
*your name

Most of them look like mausoleums. Leave it to architects!

Feb 5, 09 10:23 am


picked up the RCR el croquis. some sick work that i knew about, but a lot i didn't.

did the office split up?

their website says this:
we close this window facing the street meanwhile we open another one to the courtyard

i trampled through mud and weeds just to check out the pabellon del bano in olot. i remember seeing details somewhere, but can't recall.

Feb 14, 09 9:18 pm

no, they are still together as far as I know.. in fact there were news last week that his Sant Antoni public library in Barcelona -their only significant building there- is one of the five finalists for the Mies van der Rohe prize of this 2009... I have this small site about them, there are no pics but they have lots of projects goin' on -most of them you can see in that Croquis monograph... the Pavelló del Bany details I think is in their previous monograph, #115/116-

their website has been closed since a long time ago... I guess they are tired of people sending resumes and cv's and people calling for magazine interviews and everything... I had Vilalta as a teacher in arch school.. they are very laid back people, his office in Olot is far from Barcelona, a very quiet and relaxed place in the country, so, since they are not short of work -they are even doin' something in Dubai- I guess they just decided to "close" their "window" -their website- temporarily until their "fame" has passed a bit...

Feb 15, 09 8:07 am

in barcelona, spain right now, architecture student studying winery design. does ANYBODY know how to get to the rcr bell lloc winery? i cant find info about it anywhere. as you know, their website is out of commission too.

Nov 8, 09 5:52 pm

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