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I would like to know everyone's view here on presenting Working Drawings of projects in a portfolio for a job application. 

Would potential employers be interested in seeing Working Drawings of built projects that one has worked on? 

My aim here with showing Working Drawings is to give an idea of the scale of the project and to show my skills in doing detailed 2D working drawings. I would also have photographs of the built projects to support the drawings and what the end result was after construction.

Thank You.

May 20, 13 11:27 am

I always include them. They work well to balance the other renderings, diagrams and finished photos. Since most offices are hiring you to draw, might as well show them something that reflects your skills.

You have to make them look pretty though, place them within the context of your portfolio, don't just drop them in. JPG's not PDF's. When viewed on a screen, PDFs of drawings tend to look ridiculous, line weights don't read and they look way to dark. 

May 20, 13 12:28 pm

Thank You

May 20, 13 12:44 pm

More is better... less is better.  Now you just have to figure out where and how that applies best.

I think when shown properly, Detail drawings can do a world of good for a portfolio.  It shows definitive work that you collaborated on an actual building project rather than just another hypothetical building that may or may not actually exist.

I'm also a big fan of catering a portfolio to a specific job, so if you know a firm that's looking for a drafter, load that baby up!  If they are looking for something else, I would still include drawings like that somewhere (just to show work experience), but don't forget that anyone can pull from a catalog, so I wouldn't go haywire.

May 20, 13 12:46 pm

if you have them, definitely put them in, after all cd's are probably close to 58% of the profession.

remember, if you build it..........They will come! -_-

May 20, 13 5:12 pm

yes, to cds and any work that show your conceptual thinking or technical skills.. well drawn plans, sections, etc that tell a story.  Keep fancy renderings to a minimum.. Use only a few to show your rendering skills.  <-- that's the advice I keep getting from most principals who've interviewd me.

May 21, 13 12:34 am

"JayCon" i agree with you...

May 21, 13 7:28 am

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