would be glad if you help me


First of All im new the to forum, and i enjoyed reading the discussions , i know im from such a far place to all of you , but just searching for a better chance than what i have .

im a fresh graduate actually gonna finish my studies in July  by the end of this semester and thought about working in different country were i could have better salary to start my life.

In My city fresh graduate architects salary is 2 k $ per year with 1 $ per hour and with this salary i can't afford anything in life.

My Skills: i have been working on different computer software
Revit and 3d max for 2 years , autocad and photoshop for 4 years and ofc all ms office and i work softwares and i own macbook pro for 3 years so i have good experience with mac os

My conceptual skills : all my design studios i was successful in making great conceptual designs of different building types housing,malls,schools etc and my graduations project is a Parliament

so my question is it possible to find a job in Canada or U.S , and what other recommendations needed to achieve this job , and if i need to have some experience here before travel or no ? beside , if i had the chance to work their , living cost is so expensive that i will not be able to save money or no

finally sry for that long post but plx help me :)

May 5, 13 11:39 am

$1 per hour? xDD which country are you from?  But we feel your pain... Architecture grads in Canada or US barely make enough to get buy also, if they do have a job that is. :)

May 5, 13 5:37 pm

thanks for replay , and im from Egypt , we here are so skillful and can make a lot of great work but still no money so if you know any tips that can help me to get a job plx tell me :)

May 5, 13 6:46 pm

do you have a portfolio ?

May 6, 13 12:06 am

hello soraka, i am in a similar situation as yours. Trying to move to a developed country and find a good job. Canada was one of my first options at the beggining but its really hard to get and invitation letter from an employer if you do not have a work permit.

May 6, 13 2:16 am
chatter of clouds

Soraka, the word is not replay, its reply. i know its not a typo because i see that error everywhere in this region.

secondly, the architecture field is, more or less, saturated in the US and (perhaps to a lesser extent, at least in some areas) Canada. unlike nursing, the pharmaceutical  field, medicine and so on, architecture is not an in-demand profession. this is not to rule out all the possibilities, however, but only to bring to your attention some realism.

have you also considered the Arab Gulf (khaleej) countries? saudi arabia, qatar..? the emirates market is not so hot.

another route to consider is if you pursue a postgrad degree in egypt that also has a partnership deal with a UK or european country (ain sham university, for one, i believe)  whereafter you could continue with a Phd.

but in the meantime, try to find yourself a job with a good architect in egypt, work for some time and try to make do. having some experience on your CV will drive people to look at you differently (even if officially they will not consider experience transferable).

best of luck



May 6, 13 3:04 am

Hi Soraka,

One of my past students [Brilliant to say the least] was educated in Egypt - and his Uni was the RIBA qualified - 

As tammuz suggest, you might try either a Part II degree in UK or a 1 year masters - while it won't directly get you a job, you are more attractive to a larger pool of employers and stand a much better chance having spent a year in UK education - understanding culture, design etc.

If you did the RIBA programme at your uni, you should highlight it on your CV -

May 6, 13 3:49 am

Thanks So much for reply according to this it is impossible to find a chance.

i took all comments in consideration and will work harder to achieve it.

finally i just decided to go and make my master and phd in Canada.

where is the best university to do masters so i can have better job? and if i can find a job beside my masters or not so i can make the living cost, and which universities offer best scholar ships ?i guess i can afford the university fees but i wanna find a job  that can be sufficient for living cost?

thanks so much and i'm sorry for long posts :)

May 6, 13 8:35 am

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