Job opportunities/eligibilty for a Indian grad (B.Arch) in US

I am a graduate from Mumbai University,India  with 6 years of work experience in India. I'm currently in USA on a tourist visa and am waiting for my Green Card to be issued. I would like to know if  i would get a job here in USA on my B.Arch degree from india after receiving my green card? 

Apr 29, 13 2:44 pm

Hi, Getting any job interview first depends on the quality of the portfolio or work sampling you prepare and send with your CV - You might first look for firms which are doing some work or have local offices in Mumbai as often it will be this expertise - culture - tradition - construction that you could distinguish yourself above the rest - alternately look for practices which do similar work to your post Uni experience. Office, hotel, interior, etc.

The US is a big place so where you are matters -  

Generally, as a past admissions tutor, most portfolios I saw from India were more skill driven. But certain Mumbai is exceptional -

Apr 29, 13 5:38 pm

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