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I am an Architect who is designing a website what should I charge an hour?

Feb 28, 08 6:24 pm

so you're an architect, not a web designer.
you don't know what to charge.

are you qualified to design a website and charge for it? considering the above i would recommend you bid really low and use it as a learning experience.

Feb 28, 08 6:30 pm

and people get mad at IT people calling themselves Information we have architects masquerading as web designers? From the websites I have seen that firms have done in need to go low. I was billed out at $175 an hour as a web designer back in 1997...but it was not something I "did on the side" many sites have you done? What is the technology being used? Is there interactive coding needed (javascript, etc) can you do it? Is there a database being tied into the site? And if so, again - can you do it?

There is a lot to consider before coming up with an hourly fee. First you need a solid project scope...or you will get scope creep and waste your and your clients time and money.

Feb 28, 08 6:49 pm

swamp, as you are reading this you are billing. Right?

Feb 28, 08 10:13 pm

just do some wireframes and a flowchart of the finished site, then bill them 5% of the total cost of operating the business.

Feb 28, 08 10:53 pm

whatever you do don't make it look like this

Feb 28, 08 11:09 pm

Yes I have done websites before when I was in undergrad. First one outside of school. It is a side project since architects make absolute shit for money. Using Flash and others. Don't want to get screwed for money like every architect does.

Feb 29, 08 10:12 am
now we have architects masquerading as web designers?

he didn't say he was a web designer, jc, just that he was designing a website.

Feb 29, 08 10:19 am

lighten up steven...I was making a joke based on all the IT snipes on this forum.

Feb 29, 08 10:43 am

and to make my point that is why I typed "heh" after my chose to leave that part out.

Swamp. I would say calculate a full project scope and then calculate your expected hours and charge a flat fee. Let your client know what that flat fee covers and have them pa 1/3 up front at least. Have reviews and let them know where the project is within the original scope each time. Then, if they chose to go over the agreed scope, you can add hours...that would be my advice.

Feb 29, 08 10:47 am

Also, I would argue againt a flash heavy site with tons of transitions etc...I know architects in general love the 90's flash sites...but viewers of sites do not like to wait just for a sliding menu...content is king...clear and easy access to information is key...not animations, transitions, and loading bars.

Feb 29, 08 10:50 am

lastly, without seeing your work and what you are capable is difficult to give a true idea of your value as a web designer.

Feb 29, 08 10:52 am
I would say calculate a full project scope and then calculate your expected hours and charge a flat fee.

... while keeping in mind that an experienced web designer could probably do the project much much quicker. so if you charge by the hour, your $20/hr will probably equal the same final price as a good designer charging $125/hr.

Feb 29, 08 12:10 pm

I'd suggest avoid using Flash unless you have a solid working knowledge of actionscript.

Do a simple html site, keep it clean and clear.

I'd recommend getting approval at significant steps, such as design layout, site map, content. etc. This will eliminate the headaches.

Also, I'd highly recommend getting all the content before you start (although this is rarely possible to get everything).

Mar 3, 08 9:02 am

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