ArchiTies - Architectural Neckties - Sunday Deadline


Introducing ArchiTies, a fun, fresh, and architectural line of neckties incorporating the materials of the built world that surrounds us (link below).  This product was created by Harvard GSD graduate Ben Lehrer, who needs your help in getting the sewing production portion of the process off the ground.  Using the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, he has until Sunday night to reach his investment goal!


Apr 25, 13 3:11 pm

ummm no

Apr 26, 13 4:22 pm

You'll be competing with Architecties...which honestly, I kinda like better.

Apr 26, 13 6:29 pm

Would totally buy one of these if I could get a gray Armstrong Excelon

Apr 27, 13 12:11 am

The idea was not to make one 2x4, like the beautiful Silk in a Wood Box, Mr. Jaffe, but to play with scale.  If you squint at these ties from afar, they look like simple stripes with texture.  Only on reopening both eyes do you notice the bricks, for example.

I think Architecties are trying to accomplish something different, something with pattern, like many other ties, not materiality.  But I won't argue if you like them better.  

Lastly, accesskb, I'm thrilled to know that snark is alive and well.  

Apr 27, 13 6:06 pm

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