U Toronto March II or work in Barcelona???


Hello, everyone. I am going to graduate in June and now there are two options:U Toronto March II or work in BAU Barcelona.

The March II would cost me some 70K USD and 1.5 scholarship...but I am really concerned about finding a job there after I finish the master. Is the job market there still so bad? and even worse for newly-graduates? After reading threads here I am really worried about that. The Canadian policy for foreigners( oh I am from Shanghai, China) is nice but I would need a job there to support my life there...and I don't need a master if I go directly into work in Shanghai...

an office from Barcelona is currently doing some urban design projects in China so they hire me to act as assistant or say traslator between architects and clients(I stayed in Barcelona last six month). If things go smoothly, they would offer me a position in their office in Barcelona later. But the Spain market is soooo bad and if they no longer have projects here in China...I am not sure if the job would be longer than one year....

So that's pretty much of my worries...Please do write if you have any advice! Thank you!

Apr 5, 13 11:35 am

BAU Barcelona

Apr 5, 13 2:23 pm

any detailed comment?

Apr 6, 13 9:38 am

well..I personally think Grad school especially MArch II is a waste of time and money (This from a GSD grad)...going to other parts of the world and discovering new things and meeting new people is much more important than a few more classes/Studios etc.. Barcelona especially is a great city and you'll get to travel to other parts of Europe and you will get a new perspective !..just remember  a ll the good design in the world currently is happening in Europe especialy Spain !

Apr 8, 13 6:27 pm

Is that last sentence supposed to be ironic...?

Apr 8, 13 7:09 pm

the last sentence...that's the thing I am worrying about Spain. Now the office is trying to get more and more projects in China. They may want me to stay here in Shanghai to coordinate with the projects in China instead of going to Barcelona, especially that they haven't open an office yet. That's not a good option, I think? but I am not sure how to talk them into a contract to send me to Barcelona office...

Apr 8, 13 11:00 pm

I was in Barcelona last August, and quite frankly the last thing I would associate with the city at the moment is that its where "all the good design currently happening". The city was great, I loved my time there, but its pretty depressed right now. There is absolutely some great art and design culture going on, but its pretty small-time at the moment. I know people who have lived there for a long time as well, and they paint an even grimmer picture. Its just something for you to consider in your decision... Spain is very rough right now.

Apr 8, 13 11:31 pm

work for a few years, save up enough money, then go back for Masters if you aren't sick of the profession, become unemployed or need to take a break from working.

Apr 9, 13 12:39 am

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