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I could use some advice. Since 2009, I've been mostly employed but by bottom of the pile firms, those with horrible leadership and zero business management skills. I have had little respect for some of the bosses and/or co-workers I've had at some of those places. Just imagine all the odd ducks you went to school with that have odd social skills and put them in one architecture firm....I've worked at those places! The firm I currently work for contacted me from my resume posting on an architecture site, I've never sent them a resume directly. I don't like working for them. I use the term "work" loosely as I have little to no work to actually do and it's been this way for several months.

I've been looking for a new job in my region for a year with no success. I know that job markets vary by region so things just might be that way based on my location. Here's a few notes:

-looking for a job in two cities within 3 hrs of each other, not really able to look else where due to spouse's employment

-created a handmade resume/mini portfolio which I snail mail out, I've received good feedback from employers on this, saying it's creative and eyecatching but they have no positions

-I'm involved in the national AIA, but can not seemed to get involved locally because all events take place during work hours 45 min from my employment and my current boss won't let me out of the office and I have only a small number of days to use for personal days - which I almost always have to keep for sick days/personal appts etc.

-I've talked to my local AIA office letting them know I'm looking, but can't post my resume there because of my current employer

-I live in a different state than where I attended school so I don't have an alumni network

-Several of the places I've worked have been as I described above and I will not send my resume to just any firm any more because the negativity of those jobs has finally taken an incredible toll on my marriage which is currently on the brink of crumbling - I will leave architecture (my absolute passion) before it completely destroys my marriage. It's my number one priority to work with a team of dedicated, smart and talented people - who know how to RUN A BUSINESS!! (I can't not describe how poorly ran some of my previous companies have been)

- still completeing IDP, but had a "previous life" before architecture that gives me experience newer undergrads don't have

I've been laid off a couple of times and all my other jobs have been with companies that are so poorly managed that I can't believe they are still in business (my current one is being floated by sister company). While many people complain about the hrs they work in architecture, I can count on 2 hands how many weeks I've worked over 45 hrs in over 5 years of experience. I've redone our company's marketing materials, worked on CAD and Revit items, redone our materials library's not like I try to sit at the computer doing nothing. I could go on, but what I'm looking for is...what other suggestions might this group have for digging up jobs? Again, I could just be in that area of the country where nothing is happening. Thanks.

Mar 27, 13 2:11 pm

I'll trade shoes with you. I graduated in 2009, however I have like 6 months of arch experience. Horrible luck on my behalf. Networking is most likely your best bet, besides all the standard things you should do. Arch economy blows. Jobs are scarce. And good jobs at good firms are all the more scarce. Count your blessings.

Mar 27, 13 4:35 pm

ok, you've set yourself into a trap. Something's got to give.

* Location
* Type of work
* Willingness to be open/public about your search

I know, those all sound really tough, but it sounds like you've explored the options within your constraints and it hasn't worked. So you have to eliminate one of the constraints.

Mar 27, 13 4:55 pm

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