What does Architecture mean to you?


What does Architecture mean to you???
1. Combination of Beauty and Form
2. Great Design to Live with
3. Sustainability
4. Others (Specify)

May 20, 11 2:17 am

4. Others


May 20, 11 3:23 am  · 

@J. James R.: Thanks a bundle for your valuable and innovative insight on our discussion...great meaning...

May 20, 11 6:48 am  · 

Duh, there's a deep meaning here. A deep and somewhat valuable meaning— namely about the role of architecture as a form of branding, architecture as image and the utilization of architecture in the marketplace. The economy is a system— architecture, along with urban planning, are the facilitators of that system.


This building is probably the most distilled, pure and novel representation of that idea.


Also, the guy who commissioned this building paid an awful lot for it and that's what he wanted. In a service economy, isn't that what everyone wants— an easy-to-please whackjob with a lot of cash?

May 20, 11 7:07 am  · 

a job

May 26, 11 3:36 pm  · 

You wouldnt understand..


May 26, 11 7:34 pm  · 

The pride of NBBJ.

May 26, 11 11:46 pm  · 

JJames, that was a fantastically well-timed use of the Longaberger Basket.  Bravo.


Architecture to me is a combination of material and memory - an object that contains our shared culture and provides shelter to allow that culture to happen.

May 26, 11 11:50 pm  · 

the basket was good  but it needs more color

Feb 16, 21 9:25 am  · 

i've always wanted the opportunity to do a rooftop addition with pastel grass and easter eggs. what color were you thinking?

Feb 16, 21 11:11 am  · 
Armen Tutundzhyan

Art + Science

Feb 16, 21 1:23 pm  · 

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