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mike de

I wanted to first say whats up. I've been 'stalking' this website for a while now, so I figured I'd contribute. Maybe I'll even have to post my pic in the other thread.

The real reason: I'm going to Switzerland in late Feb. to visit two friends, one in Geneva, one in Luzern. My degree is in Landscape Architecture, so my knowledge of architectural landmarks is limited to what I've learned on my own (and a one semester arch. class). Do any of you guys have some suggestions of buildings/plazas/etc. I should definitely see when I'm there? thanks so much.

p.s.-This may be in the wrong forum, so sorry in advance.

Jan 2, 08 9:39 pm

will you only be in luzern & genf?

one of the top landscape arch firms in CH vogt landschaftarchitekten (formerly kienast/vogt)

there might be some useful info here (note, a lot of arch. firms do public spaces):

genf - LA
genf - arch

there is some architecture in luzern worth visiting, and there will have been collaborations w/ top Larch firms...

KKL, nouvel
sbb bahnhof, calatrava (adjacent to KKL)
rigihof pavilion, gigon_guyer
museum of transportation, gigon_guyer

deutsche schule genf, soliman zurkirchen
fabrik vacheron constatin, tschumi
red cross museum, pierre zoelly
schul- und freizeitzentrum, devanthéry & lamunière
Garten Fondation Jeantet, Domino Architectes
school in Cressy, devanthéry & lamunière

Jan 2, 08 10:08 pm
Jan 3, 08 12:25 am

also... the roger diener migros in luzern...

Jan 3, 08 2:24 am

if you have a day or two to spare, i would try to make it to Basel. It it might be a long haul from geneva or lucern, but might be worth a trip.

there's not much in the way of landscape but there's simply tons of great architecture here... there are easily a dozen herzog & de meuron buildings, and there's the huge vitra complex (bldgs by Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Tadao Ando, Alvaro Siza, a little Jean Pouvre shed -- not to mention the exhibits, currently on Le Corbusier and the Eames' furniture line, but that may have changed by february)

there's also the Foundation Beyeler by renzo piano, and a bunch more i'm probably forgetting. there's also the Novartis campus, which may be interesting from a public space/landscape point of view, but it's hard to get access and it's nowhere near finished.

and then there's a lot of stuff here by Diener & Diener, which is usually not that great, but sometimes interesting, and then a few good ones by Morger & Dieglo which i like quite a lot (Messe tower and a schoolyard with lightwells to a gymnasium below)

i dont know how much of this would be interesting for a landscape arch... but that's a few sugestions if you make it to basel...

perhaps more interesting is the public space, the way the city embraces the river (long ramps to the edge, lots of parkland along the banks) or the way the major public squares have tended to develop around transportation hubs, rather than major churches or civic buildings (seems a little different than other european cities in this way)

someone keep this thread going... i'm living in basel but i need an excuse to get out and see some more of switzerland, so if i can put together good geneva / zurich / lucern itineraries thatd be pretty helpful..

Jan 3, 08 10:03 am

Some landscape suggestions in Geneva:

Agence TER (from Paris) have made two nice projects in the city centre: a sunken moss garden outside Fondation Jeantet, and a steel/stone garden called Floor Works. The adresses can be found here. There is also an older and very important project from Georges Descombes in one of the suburbs, but I can't find the adress anywhere on the net.

Jan 3, 08 10:23 am

i've got sone zuerich i can throw at you this weekend, evanc.

the m+d stuff is great. does the office have the basel architektur fuehrer? might want to pick it up (10 euros online)

Jan 3, 08 10:49 am

thanks holz, and yeah that's a great little book... there are a couple others in a series that have better photos, (new architecture basel, new architecture switzerland - a couple more in the series) that might be useful for mike de (or anyone) though the text is only in german and they tend to have more private houses and fewer public buildings.. can't remember the exact title but they should be in any good art museum bookstore in switzerland....

Jan 3, 08 3:11 pm

Ok, found the adress of the Descombes project. It's in Lancy, corner of Avenue du Curé Baud / Chemin du Petit Voiret. If you know French, there's an article of Sébastien Marot online here.

Jan 4, 08 3:05 am

as promised in no discernable order, if someone wants to make a zurich guide, that'd be wicked.

kunsthaus zurich, karl moeser (amann umbau)

pavillon am hafen riesbach - fuhrimann hachler - am seefeldquai 51

multifamily house, christian kerez - forsterstraße 38

heidi weber pavilion, corb - hoeschgasse 8

residential dwellings, theo hotz - regina-kägi-straße

jamileh weber galerie, schnebli - waldmann strasse 8

ernst basler + partner, romero + schaefle/d. kienast garden (near stadelhofen)

stadelhofen station, calatrava

stadelhofen passage, gisel

mehrfamilienhaus am fuss des uetlibergs, fuhrimann hachler - sadlenweg 16

schulanlage leutschenbach, christian kerez - hagenholzstrasse / andreas park

tireshop/art exchange, camenzind evolution - mythen-quai 322

law library (eth), calatrava - rämistrasse 74/76

zurich uni auditorium, gigon_guyer - kunstlergasse 12

multifamily house, theo hotz - bäckerstraße 51

freitag flagship, search architekten - geroldstrasse 17
museum rietberg, krischanitz + graziolo - gablerstrasse 15

im birch school, peter maerkli - margrit-rainerstrasse / ellen-wildmanstrasse

park hyatt, meili + peter

pflegiarreal, gigon_guyer - carmenstrasse / samariterstrasse

3 apartments, gigon_guyer - susenbergstrasse 84 (adjacent hotel zuerichberg)

hotel zuerichberg, burkhalter sumi - orellistrasse 21

railway switching station, gigon_guyer - duttweilerbrucke

hirslanden hospital, sam/d. kienast gardens - witellikerstrasse 40

picassoplatz office building - p. maerkli - picassoplatz

fachhochschule sihlhof, giuliani honger architekten - lagerstrasse 5

restaurant werd, burkhalter sumi werdstrasse 75-79

seewurfel, camenzind evolution - seefeldstrasse 277

senior residence spirgarten, miller maranta - spirgartenstrasse 2

housing paul clairmont str., gmuer + steib - birmersdorferstrasse 467

haus am max bill platz, atelier ww - birchstrasse 180

gerätehäuser und zielturm sihlhölzli, boltshauser architekten - manessestrasse 1

mehrfamilienhaus sunny woods, beat kämpfen - im oberen boden 165

schulhaus scherr, patrick gmür architekten - stapferstrasse 48

wohnüberbauung eichrain, theo hotz - glattalstrasse 102–118

doldergrand, foster - kurhausstrasse 65

hotel greulich, romero + schaefele - herman greulich-strasse 56,

theatersaal rigiblick, burkhalter sumi - germaniastrasse 99

primarschule hardau, em2n architekten - bullingerstrasse 62

quartierzentrum aussersihl, em2n architekten

wohnhaus zurlindenstrasse, huggen_berger - zurlindenstrasse 186

stadion letzigrund - betrix + consolascio

schulhaus ahorn. patrick gmür architekten - ahornstrasse 12

housing hegianwandweg, em2n architekten - hegianwandweg 28-36

kraftwerk1 housing - buenzli + courvosier - hardturmstrasse

Jan 4, 08 4:49 am

also, while i'd love to be able to see all these projects, and fuck, i'd really love to work in zuerich (mike, annette...) i really most enjoyed walking along the see, wandering through old town and chagall's stained glass.

Jan 4, 08 4:53 am
mike de

Hey I wanted to thank everyone for the suggestions. I'm gonna look a lot of these up before-hand to decide which ones to see and take a bunch of pics and I'll be sure to post them when I get back (for those of you who don't live in switzerland).

holz.-no, i will be traveling to a handful of places. I probably won't get into Ticino-I was in Lake Como two summers ago so I wanted to experience different parts of Switzerland.

Additionally, I'll be in London the first weekend to (hopefully) see a premiership game and visit friends, so, any modern buildings worth seeing while there?

Jan 4, 08 8:25 am

i found my swiss guide book

maison clarte, corb. - rue st laurent 2-4
new apostolic church, werner max moser - rue liotard 14
french school, bugna + candilis - chemin de vergers 4
un school, jean mrc lamuniere - route de pregny
parc en sauvy, georges descombes - avenue du cure baud

sonnhalde creche & kiga, mercel breuer + beat jordi - sonnhaldenstrasse 2, baldegg
kraan-lang haus, marques + zurkirchen - oberriffig 7, emmenbruecke
church of st karl, fritz metzger - st karlistrasse 23
schoenbuehl tower, alvar aalto - landensandstrasse 37
catholic church & parish center, franz fueeg - schloesslistrasse

london has a ton of great projects...
for starters, look @
archinform - london
mimoa - london

good luck w/ premiereship. i find the tix are a lot more expensive than bundesliga, which i prefer immensely.

Jan 26, 08 4:10 pm

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