Interview scheduled with junior staff - what does this mean?


I have an interview at a Starchitect firm in NY. Upon Googling the respondents I see they are not senior associates or associates, They are architects and they have about 5 years post MArch experience. What would you make of that? I know one of the partners forwarded my stuff down, because I emailed him directly, mentioning the name of a mutual acquaintance. I don't know this partner personally at all. I got the interview call about 3 days after emailing my portfolio to the partner. All interviews I've done in the past have been with someone higher up. Any insights, what should I expect? 

Mar 9, 13 6:06 pm

what kind of position are you applying for?  an internship? or design director?  Is your position such that an MArch graduate with 5 years of working experience (long enough to become a registered architect) isn't experienced enough to do interviews?  Unless you're being hired to direct a team to build a hotel or some big project, you'll likely end up doing random tasks to help out the team xD 

I've been interviewed in the past by people who only have their bachelor's, plain suck at designing upon further investigation and been turned down on jobs by them too xD

Sometimes you dont' have to be extremely good or experienced to do certain tasks.. As long as you can talk, communicate well and do random assigned tasks efficiently and correctly, its all that matters

Mar 9, 13 6:28 pm  · 

Bad sign, generally speaking.  If a partner/principal cannot make time for you during the interview process, unless it's a ginormous firm, it means you are viewed as "plug and chug."  This could change once you're inside and working, and make your abilities known and get recognition from higher-ups.  I once had a friend who mentioned the concept of "being hired for that job," not referring to a project, per se, but a certain level or function within an office, with no intent to promote.

Mar 9, 13 6:34 pm  · 

Well it won't be an internship, I have a bit less experience than the people doing the interviews, so they're not in over their heads. My reading is that they will have these guys assess and then decide if higher ups should get involved. 

Mar 9, 13 6:42 pm  · 

think about it this way, brad pitt is hiring, you won't meet with pitt, or jolie, and you like won't work directly with either, but you will be working with those people you are meeting with. they are people probably most directly able to assess your tech skills and personality; something those seniors won't have any direct knowledge of, or interest in. quit trying to read it so narrowly.

Mar 9, 13 6:53 pm  · 

Not necessarily a bad sign -- many firms use younger staff to screen submittal packages sent in by candidates and conduct initial interviews. If a candidate makes it through that screen, then more senior staff will do the follow-up interview and make the hiring decision.

Look at it this way -- instead of viewing this as a 'brush off' why not think of it as concrete evidence that the firm wants to engage staff at all levels in running the firm and uses these sorts of interviews as a way to season some of their younger staff in areas other than project work.

Mar 9, 13 6:57 pm  · 

I agree. It isn't a bad sign. If they think they can work with you, it will go a long way. 

Mar 9, 13 8:41 pm  · 

Or ... they are looking for a gopher, or maybe it's a warning shot at some of the existing staff. Definitely spend some time worrying about this to prepare yourself for the interview.

Mar 9, 13 10:41 pm  · 

My suspicions align with stone above, I think its a screening process - why bother otherwise, But ofcourse I'm concerned and gearing myself to present to 2 people who surely think they're hot shots. My worry mostly is that young people (like myself) might judge narrowly while older professionals who've been around for a while might value other traits besides graphical abilities. I mean i can render and model very well, but I feel my bigger attributes are that I can stick with difficult details and see them through prototyping, construction etc, I'd like to be valued for that too. 

Yes b3tadine[sutures], I should quit reading it too narrowly - I agree. 

Anyone have similar experiences to share.

Mar 9, 13 11:33 pm  · 

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