How to market yourself to a mid size-large firm when all you know is residential


Hello all

I have had quite a difficult time finding a job.  I have been unemployed since last may.  For the last five years I had worked in a small firm doing mostly residential, house additions. I enjoyed the work because they cared about design even though it was nothing contemporary.  I finally landed a job with a similar size firm that did more commercial, but was layed off after a couple of months, due to some differences with management over the amount of knowledge I should have had on commercial projects, even though i had no previous experience. I was told by the firm you are not here to learn anything, just to give you some perspective.

I have been trying to land a position whether it be entry level, or junior architect at a mid size or large firm that does larger scale projects, but it seems that the fact that I have only residential experience is hurting me, I can't even get an interview.  My portfolio consists of mostly residential and a little bit of school stuff since i have been out of school for 5+ years. 

Any advice on how i should market myself to firms that do more commercial type work? I would really like to work for bigger firms in nyc and it seems almost impossible at the moment to get even an interview.  I would assume that having experience in construction documents, and being willing to take a more entry level position in order to catch up to the things i have missed would be looked upon positively. Thanks for any replies  

Mar 7, 13 12:58 pm

Maybe try to target firms that do senior living work or firms whose commercial projects reference a more residential look like hospitality or multifamily residential?

Mar 7, 13 1:34 pm

The market is picking up. Be optimistic, and have as many people review your portfolio and give you feedback as possible. Hang in there!

Mar 9, 13 9:55 pm

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