The 21st Century Kitchen!



What you guys think?

Mar 2, 13 10:21 am
Tinbeary There there

No dishwashing innovations?

Mar 2, 13 10:33 am

The kitchen of the future, as designed in 1971.

Mar 2, 13 11:40 am

I'm not really a hausfrau, but it seems to me that a normal convection oven is missing.
Or are we only supposed to heat take-out in that microwave drawer thingy in the "21st Century"?

Mar 2, 13 1:44 pm

also, no oven would make a cookie sheet drawer kind of unnecessary.  storing cutting boards and such on the other side of the island from the cooking area is inconvenient.  what would be convenient would be one of those big hose things to fill pots with water on the stove.  also, putting a tv above a range, which is sometimes used for frying or heating pasta sauce and stuff that splatters or smokes, is a bad idea.  i would replace the tv with an exhaust hood.  i think hoods are required by code now, and if this goes in a new hermetically sealed house, a lack of an exhaust vent can give your occupants carbon monoxide poison or something like that.  down-vent hoods may be possible.

what is a built in vegetable steamer, and is that really preferable to a rice cooker or a pot of water on the stove or a microwave?  not sure since i don't eat non-frozen vegetables.

Mar 2, 13 5:06 pm

I was wondering where the Pasta Cooker was.....No Italian would buy a 21 Century kitchen with out a Pasta Cooker.

Mar 2, 13 5:37 pm

Dude also forgot the $5,000.00 Coffee Machine.....We can not live with out it!

Mar 2, 13 5:38 pm
vado retro

This is incorrect, Dave.

Mar 2, 13 6:22 pm

I love how the flying grease will be a nice addition to the television screen

Mar 2, 13 7:23 pm
Tinbeary There there

My aunt took a college class in architecture for non-architects (women in other fields) in the 70's and she gave me her old textbook from it. The drawings all look like this. I'm inspired. I think I'm going to go design a kitchen made entirely of built-in small appliances... popcorn popper, bread maker, popsicle maker, hard-boiled egg maker, salad tosser, cake froster and so on.

Mar 3, 13 6:50 am

Only 1 TV?!

Mar 3, 13 12:17 pm
vado retro


Mar 3, 13 5:12 pm

It's an odd thing that the only people with ultra modern kitchens are peole who don't use their kitchens. If they did, they probably would have moved the tv on right. Even if they used that tea pot on the back burner I'm pretty sure the steam would eventually leave a mark. They don't need to store cookie sheets because the caterer provides them. Let's just hope these people don't fall on hard time and have to get an aupair or someone like that who might actually use the kitchen.

Mar 3, 13 7:02 pm

multiple electrical outlets!  wow the future sure is wild.  Where are the robots and shit?

Mar 4, 13 12:55 am

Well i really liked the cabinets but i wish i could see the entire kitchen.

Apr 12, 13 6:12 am

The built in control panel on the counter top wouldnt last a week. 

Also I'd like to see a robot or automatic device that keeps my cat from jumping onto the counter when I'm cooking. 

Apr 12, 13 11:33 am

add a monitor and all of a sudden... wala... it is the future!  Kinda looks like a kitchen from a low budget sci-fi movie. 

Apr 12, 13 12:18 pm

I would suggest that, in a single-minded effort to present  his/her ideas, the creator of this visual didn't really design a working kitchen but rather a display of the features, randomly arrayed on the "set."  Unfortunately, this oversight drew as much attention from the readers as any of the individual elements . . .

Homework was mentioned, but no appropriate work area -- nor any seating -- is shown.  So, the presentation is perhaps at best a jumping-off point for the discussion of kitchen ("workspace" or "laboratory," on a Taliesin plan drawing) design ?

Apr 12, 13 11:44 pm

Technophilia aside, this layout needs more counter space for food prep. And the under the counter microwave is impractical. Large flat screen in the kitchen? Nihil est sacrum.

Dec 13, 13 4:38 am
Bury your television. In the backyard. Alive if necessary.
Dec 13, 13 1:41 pm

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