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Marketing Architecture. If you learned about this in school, you are obviously from another quantum universe. 

I have observed that Architecture firms tend to present a holistic whole when "marketing" their business, but it typically is not termed such. What does everyone else observe in marketing trends in Architecture?


How do your employers or your firms market themselves?

Social Media, Print Media, local events, or wine and dine?

(For smaller firms especially) What percentage of marketing is educating the prospective client?

Do you view lectures, speaking engagements, and panel opportunities as marketing? Do they typically raise your profile with clients, or do these events only resonate with other professionals?

Do you engage in theoretical writing and research for publication? Is this an outgrowth of practice, or a marketing technique? Both?

What qualities do you seek to convey in marketing for Architecture or Design Firms?

Feb 11, 13 5:25 pm
The chix in marketing think all this stuff is important. I don't know if it works or not but it must cuz the rest of us are mad busy. I suppose this means that marketing must be multipronged - approach.
Feb 11, 13 7:18 pm

I think marketing is important, but filtering who the target market are are equally important too. You don't want certain clients ringing up and waste your time. I was always told that word of mouth, repeat work are the most effective form of marketting in our field. The tricky part is where do you get the client in the first place? It's a bit like growing a farm... starting out with 1 seed and hoping to god that it grows and not die, if it dies then we have to see how the next seed does.

e.g. Maybe a client might approach you to do a shitty kitchen layout that no body wants to take on, then you do a really good job and value their business, he/she might consider you next time he have more shitty jobs that nobody wants to do... and if you hang in there long enough he/she may have something bigger because of trust that's built up in the relationship, then he/ she recommend you to others etc etc.

Feb 11, 13 7:30 pm

Marketing has two faces: One when the opportunity exists, is known and can be targeted, and the other is where the opportunity needs to be sourced.  Big firms and marketing staff are very good at the first.  Principals and other architects are the only one's who are capable at the second.  Why? Because its easy when the opportunity is known and responding to RFP's and making brochures and presentations are the decision making elements.  Finding the opportunity requires personal relationships, networking, and TIME. 

Feb 12, 13 12:39 am

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