Moisture and Root barriers


Wondering if anybody have any comments or information about installing vertical moisture/ root barriers around an existing slab to control the shrink & swell under an existing foundation?

Feb 10, 13 1:21 pm
You have to drain the water first. Then you could consider a waterproofing layer but it might not be needed. What is the exact problem you are experiencing? Where is the building located?
Feb 10, 13 8:18 pm

The OP is ambiguous, but firstly make sure the foundation walls are adequately drained by having a run of gravel or other permeable, large aggregate material that runs deep alongside the foundation walls, form the gravel in a "v" towards a pitched PVC pipe with a bunch of holes drilled into the top of it.  This will move alot of water away from your foundation walls.  For bonus points, I suppose you could put a layer of laticrete on the foundation walls as well where they make contact with your new gravel.  As for keeping the bottom of your slab dry, the only real option there is to demo it, lay down a continuous plastic membrane and then repour.  

Of course if you're in a freeze / thaw area and your footings don't run below the frostline, then you're SOL and you may want to buy a new property.

Feb 12, 13 5:51 pm
Holes in the bottom of the pipe
Feb 12, 13 7:18 pm

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