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Hi all, I'm just beginning my architecture course and I wanted to ask what program's are most often used when designing or what programs I should learn. I have a very good understanding in autocad 2d, however, there are some other programs I have seen being used however I'm unsure of what exactly they are used for. Such as illustrator, photoshop etc. I'm going to try and learn revit and rhino for 3d design, however, once again, not sure of the differences. Which program's would you suggest I become familiar with to not only succeed in my course but for the rest of my career as well. Thanks in advance

Feb 9, 13 10:00 am

Learn Rhino and its associated plugins.  Best modeling power to learning curve ratio.

Feb 10, 13 3:01 am


I've been in the industry for 10 years and for me the most useful programs are as follows;

1. Autocad - Mainly for 2d work. I can't find any other program that are better, maybe match it but not better.

2. Revit - for 3d and 2d work

3. Photoshop - We all know what this is for.

4. Acrobat writer. - Write and read all your PDF documents.

I've used other programs in the past such as 3d studio max, ArchiCAD, Sketch up, microstation, and many other 2d programs but those 4 programs I listed is enough to do everything I needed to for designing, drafting, 3d visualisation and simple photo editing.

Hope that helps. Good luck

Feb 10, 13 6:00 am

Hope that helps. Good luck

Feb 10, 13 6:01 am

Thanks so much, that helps a lot

Feb 10, 13 8:58 am

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