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I am also coming from a non background, but I would highly recommend that you take a summer program at one of the schools you are interested in. This would give you a boost of related work for your portfolio, and also show your interest in architecture to the admissions panel.

Mar 21, 13 5:16 pm

I hear you. I had originally planned to do SCI-Arc's summer program, but instead I've just started working as a personal assistant/project manager for a design/build firm and figured the experience I would get with this job would rock. Planning instead to do summer program next year before starting fall semester. What do you think?
Mar 21, 13 6:19 pm
Got my last letter today, here are my final results:

-Male / 25
-5 year B.Arch / Woodbury University San Diego
-3.21 GPA / Didn't take GRE
-NAVFAC Internship / Freelance Student Work

-IAAC Barcelona - MAA 1
-Pratt - MS Arch
-AA - MA Housing & Urbanism

-UC Berkeley - MS Arch
-MIT - SMarchS

Decision: Toss Up
Going to open houses for GSAPP & Pratt but unsure if they are worth tuition. 930 IDP hours are a plus but studying in Europe appeals to me. The ultimate goal is finding an ideal job after school & I have concerns about IAAC's lack of recognition (although in my heart I feel it may be the best option, most affordable as well).

I am concerned about GSAPP's large class size & eventual ROI... The deadline is approaching hopefully the open houses will be telling. If anyone has advise or is in a similar position, opinions are welcomed... Hard decision yet I'm glad the wait is over & I'm very excited about my options!
Mar 21, 13 8:45 pm


Yesterday I was with a friend who just graduated at IAAC. He studied something related to parametric design and fabrication. He had only good things to talk about the program. And the faculty seems to have very diverse backgrounds (chemical eng, biologist, economist, ecologist, etc). It seems like a very interesting program to be in. And I would say dont worry about the recognition of each program, at the end its all about you, not the program. 

Mar 21, 13 9:37 pm

I have had a hard time finding alumni of IAAC who I could find out more about the program from... I would really appreciate it if you could put me in contact with this person... My email is - Thanks for the info
Mar 21, 13 10:26 pm

has anyone heard from WUSTL with financial aid info?

Mar 22, 13 10:58 am

Has anyone heard from Berkeley's fin aid info?

Mar 22, 13 11:07 am
New ARch


Nope, I guess we will find out in the following week!

Mar 22, 13 11:26 am

@jacobcohen No. Still waiting. No news yet. Have a feeling we may hear next week.

Mar 22, 13 11:28 am



I'm pretty set on Cornell at this point but maybe the financial aid package would change that or at least allow me to convince Cornell to offer me more.

Mar 22, 13 11:29 am

@ e.m.g

I am still waiting too!

Mar 22, 13 12:29 pm

for WUSTL, I think the final scholarship meeting is March 25, so still a little bit more of waiting...

Mar 22, 13 1:43 pm

anyone hear back from sci-arc yet?

Mar 25, 13 10:53 am

PSA: I'm a current student at MIT. Last year I was in your shoes, deciding between MIT, Yale, Columbia, and Berkeley. If anybody wants my perspective, let me know. I also have friends at the GSD so know a bit about that place as well. IMO everyone should try to talk to students more than anything, and not just the casual 3 minute conversation where everybody says the same scripted things. Best of luck with the decision, and definitely don't go into serious debt for your M.Arch no matter where you go.

Mar 25, 13 5:27 pm

Between GSAPP - MSAAD  & Cornell - M.Arch.II ?


Mar 25, 13 5:32 pm

what's considered a "serious debt"

Mar 25, 13 5:35 pm

Just got a call from Sci-Arc! Accepted!

Mar 25, 13 7:02 pm

Got a call from sci-arc too. :D

Mar 25, 13 7:45 pm

In: GSAPP, Taubman, SCI-Arc Which is the better one to attend?

Mar 25, 13 10:18 pm

Same here got into Sci Arc. and I am pretty sure I am going to attend it. I was wondering if any body else is planning to attend .



 You are pretty much looking at the same school ideologies in 3 different location to be honest Michigan (UMICH) LA (Sci Arc) or NY(Gsapp) . They all pretty much run on experimental studios taught by pretty famous professors with huge fabrication facilities.


In the bottom line its a matter of where you want to be located vs if there is very specific professors or locations you are enticed by.

Mar 26, 13 12:04 am
Abhinav Sunil

Any idea about McGill results ??

Mar 26, 13 9:30 am


Hi. Thanks for your post! I am currently between Columbia, Berkeley, Clemson and RISD for my graduate MArch. Can you talk a little bit more about your impressions about GSAPP and Berkeley when you were deciding? I am just so torn about the amount of debt I'd have to take on to attend GSAPP and if it's worth the return of investment. Any insight is much appreciated, thanks!


@mcau - are you going to the open house next weekend at Berkeley?

Mar 26, 13 9:44 am

In: SCI-ARC. CCA. Berkeley. (waitlist, apparently a very short one)

I'm leaning towards CCA- 1 year less due to advanced placement- waiting on any kind of funding....also I doubt I will go to SCI-ARC. 40k a semester what a joke!

Mar 26, 13 9:46 am

@e.m.g. where you at the RISD open house? I was, but curious to know your thoughts...

Mar 26, 13 9:55 am


No! :( unfortunately I wasn't able to make it that weekend. I am, however going there on my own visit next week.

I'd love to get in touch with you and hear what your thoughts are about the program and your experience at the open house.

Mar 26, 13 10:22 am

ahh, I love Providence :) what's your email address/way to contact you and I'll give you my thoughts on RISD/Providence. Keep in mind I'm a bit biased about it all because my undergrad was at Brown, so I know the area very well. 

Mar 26, 13 10:31 am


Mar 26, 13 10:42 am

@ kelena

I'd be interested to hear more about RISD/Providence, I'll most likely be attending there in the fall, and I've only been to Providence once, although I had a great impression of both RISD and Providence. How can I send you my email address without blasting it on here?

Mar 26, 13 10:59 am

@ kelena

I just sent you an email. Sorry for not posting my email I, too, posted it and thought against it afterwards.

Hopefully you will get it! :)

Mar 26, 13 11:41 am

just heard back from WUSTL and given $26K!

  • M/24 Canadian
  • BA McGill University (art history and geography)
  • GPA: 3.44 / GRE: verb:164 quat: 156 AW: 4.5
  • no experience, Career Discover GSD

so far IN: Cornell (12K), WUSTL (26K), UPenn (5K), UBC

out: GSD

waiting: University of Toronto

Cornell is my first choice but UBC and UoT are much more affordable and now WUSTL is looking good money wise.  Going to Cornell open house and will see if more funding is available.

Mar 26, 13 2:19 pm


How did you find out about funding from WUSTL?


Anyone heard any funding on Pratt?

Mar 26, 13 3:09 pm

The U of T results will be out before the weekend. Just got off the phone with the office.

Mar 26, 13 4:28 pm

@gg_r - I got an email from  Brian Higginbotham at wustl.

@cagt - thanks for the info!

Mar 26, 13 4:34 pm

I got wait listed for UW Seattle MArch I.  If anyone is considering not going there please let them know!  I am in at University of Oregon, but UW is my first choice.

Mar 26, 13 6:24 pm

I got an email from U of Toronto this afternoon and I've been accepted with $$!

In: UBC, U of T

Mar 26, 13 11:16 pm
Jono Lee


  How much did U of T offer you?

Mar 26, 13 11:38 pm
Abhinav Sunil

I just got my acceptance from University of Calgary through e-mail, for their 2year Masters program.

Calgary applicants.......All the best guys!

Mar 27, 13 12:17 pm

congrats!!! any word from McGill?

Mar 27, 13 12:41 pm
Abhinav Sunil

@mtt9999 thanks a lot !

Nothing from McGill yet. What's your opinion about University of Calgary?

Have you finalized on your enrolment (university) ?

Mar 27, 13 2:01 pm

I know nothing of the University of Calgary. I declined the offer from McGill (so maybe an opening will arise!). Have decided to go to Harvard this fall for MDesS in History and Philosophy. Best of luck to you - hope you get into McGill!!!!

Will post my 'final decisions' post when I get a chance...

Mar 27, 13 2:06 pm

Waitlisted for Pratt

Mar 27, 13 4:40 pm
New ARch

Does anyone know when the deadline for accepting offers from USC is?

I found out about my admission on March 12. 

I got a scholarship from WUSTL, but I still prefer USC!!!

Mar 27, 13 4:57 pm

Waitlisted at Pratt as well., but not gonna go so there's that. Good luck to those wanting in!

Mar 27, 13 5:27 pm

Has anyone received a snail mail message of acceptance from U.Oregon yet? Still waiting. Just curious from all the other folks who either have an answer, how did you hear from the program?

Mar 27, 13 5:56 pm

@supertenacious Where are you going instead?

Mar 27, 13 6:01 pm

@Tanuja I've decided on UO, which answers @nycdesign's question. I got a e-mail confirm on Mar. 15th.

Mar 27, 13 8:29 pm

Email acceptance march 11 , followed by a letter in mail

Mar 27, 13 8:44 pm


Congrats on UO! Any particular reason you want UO over Pratt, or any of the other schools you got into?

Mar 27, 13 9:22 pm


There were several reasons, the big ones being $$$ and I was overall not that impressed with Pratt after I went to an info session. Don't get me wrong, they have excellent facilities and resources , but THAT much parametric design just isn't for me. I applied anyway just to see what would happen. UO 's ethos (from my impression at least) focuses on just honest design, not really tailoring to any particularly style. That's something I can get behind. Plus the whole #1 in sustainability is pretty dope.

Mar 27, 13 10:56 pm


Ah, I see. Well I'm glad you got UO, that's def a great school. Glad it worked out =]

Mar 27, 13 11:21 pm

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