2013 M.Arch Applicants, Commiserate Here!


I was to apply to TUDELFT but cancelled it due to the fact that U of C accepted me. Canada to me seems a better bet considering the economic situation in Europe in relation to Job prospects after schooling . I am till waiting for a response from McGill. I actually called and they told me to wait till second week of April. They said i hadn't been rejected yet ( i think its  a kinda wait-list).

Apr 8, 13 12:02 pm  · 

Jordan Yerbury Portfolio :

Apr 8, 13 12:03 pm  · 



I got into Syracuse, Pratt, IIT (AP), VTech, Wash U, and waitlisted at Cornell.

I am very confused. I just came back from the Wash U open house and they have a way with seducing you into the program. Along side with this, I am very attracted to Pratt (location+connections). BUT Pratt not being ranked as well as Wash U, is holding me back.


PLEASE. Advice?

Apr 9, 13 12:53 pm  · 

Wash U and Cornell

Apr 9, 13 6:35 pm  · 

Anyone else not heard a word from a school they applied to? Georgia Tech for me. Called them last week complaining about their very slow response time. Ridiculous.

Apr 9, 13 8:35 pm  · 

Question for who's accepted or declined by Yale,

who is the signatory? Still MFG?

Apr 12, 13 1:33 am  · 

finally got the long-awaited UO financial aid letter... didn't get shit lol

Apr 13, 13 1:40 pm  · 


First Lol, are you near Oregon, havent received anything besides the acceptance letter.

Have you decided where your going? 

Apr 13, 13 2:04 pm  · 

not at all, I live in Chicago lol. The letter just arrived today. 

Going to UMN cause I don't think Eugene is a good place to learn architecture lol. In retrospect, applying there was a bad idea...

Apr 13, 13 3:15 pm  · 

Seems like right on their website UO says they don't give anything to anyone (financially). 

Going to drive there this weekend to check out the vibe in Eugene.  How was the open house? 

If you call or email a school to ask if they'll get back to you re: acceptance by May 1st because you have an alternate offer, will that mess things up with the school (and be an automatic rejection)?

Apr 17, 13 6:08 pm  · 

Male / 22 / Canadian

B.E.D.S. - Architecture Dalhousie '12

GPA: 3.4 Maj. / 3.6 Cum

8 months of work experience during school + 16 months of full-time employment after graduation

GRE: 158V / 158Q / 5.0W

Letters of Rec from an employer, a prof at the arch school and a design prof at the fine art school who i worked with on an installation project (he also writes for a major magazine).


Syracuse + $10k, partial AP
Carleton + $10k scholarship, possibility of a further TAship


Took a while to decide because they're all attractive in totally different ways. Yesterday I committed to Carleton - the scholarship covers (almost) the full tuition, plus the study-abroad opportunity to Finland (my proposed thesis research is on Critical Regionalism, Sverre Fehn, Scandinavian themes, etc.) is too good to pass up. Happy to be changing it up and going to Ottawa this fall. Syracuse was my dream school but I'd be looking at a pricetag of $150,000 or so to attend - no chance of that happening. Not getting full AP was also a sour note...

Apr 20, 13 11:44 am  · 

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