2013 M.Arch Applicants, Commiserate Here!



Congratulation! all my professor recommended Princeton over GSD and almost all of them were GSD grads. Princeton will cater to your needs (which I will not be attending due to the little fact that Alejandro forgot my phone number and said we weren't a good fit! I"LL DECIDE THAT THANK YOU, now I know how Taylor Swift feels all the time). When a school gives you a full ride like Princeton, your going to be treated like a princess. The two school are totally different. Princeton is very small and intimate. The GSD is big. So it depends on what you like your studio culture to be, and it's a win win win situation in your case. I would take the money and run with it, but I like what I can't have best.    

Mar 14, 13 10:41 pm

Hey everyone, just set up a temporary Archinect account here.  Congrats to those of us who got into the programs they wanted.  I applied to 8 M.Arch I programs and was accepted into the following:

1 - UMichigan Taubman College + 5K / yr

2 - Columbia GSAPP

3 - Cornell AAP + 12K / yr

4 - UPenn

YSOA waitlisted me and both Princeton and GSD rejected my applications.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

Still waiting to hear from my safe school.  Yale was my first choice so I plan to wait as long as I can before accepting an offer of admission.  I'm very familiar with the school itself and have visited Yale's campus more times than I can count to study Paul Rudolph's architecture there.

With my selection as it is, I'm leaning towards GSAPP and Cornell -- but if GSAPP were offering me at least some money I'd be inclined to accept, perhaps even if Yale offered me admission.  Even though I apparently have to take yet another design studio and physics course in light, heat, electricity before I can be admitted to PennDesign, I'm planning to give all the programs a fair evaluation by attending open houses, researching, etc.  

Thought I'd satisfied Penn's physics requirement when I busted my ass taking an undergrad intro to physics course late at night while commuting to work full time + overtime at an architecture firm and preparing my applications, but whatever.  Pretty sure I'm not going there, but does anyone think it would be stupid for me to at least attend PennDesign's open house event?

Mar 15, 13 12:12 am


where have all the issuu links gone? 

I keep hearing about these great schools you've all gotten into but I'd like to think the purpose of this post (as it has been in the past) is to get an idea of the quality of work top march programs look for... 

please. let's see some portfolios!!

Mar 15, 13 12:27 am


I'm with you on the physics pre-req for PennDesign! I'm taking it right now, busting my ass and somehow it might  not be the same kind? Ahh! Is that the only reason why you wouldn't go there? Maybe if you talk to them they can waive your class or something? You should try that, I'm doing the same thing.

Mar 15, 13 12:31 am

Hi guys, i have a dumb question : if the school says "respond BY the deadline", can I respond on the day of the deadline or I have to do it BEFORE that day?

Mar 15, 13 12:37 am

Retried, that's bullshit that you have to take another physics course or a design studio. When do they expect you to complete this stuff?

Mar 15, 13 2:09 am

you could respond on teh day of deadline, but why would you wait until the day of the deadline?

Mar 15, 13 2:10 am


hey i'm in a similar situation to you! accepted at GSD, Princeton, Yale and Columbia, but pretty much deciding between GSD and Princeton... :/ how were you notified? i didn't get this call from Alejandro that everyone's been talking about haha. only got the email ... how did they notify you about the financial package too? 

Mar 15, 13 3:12 am


great advice! you sound like you know a fair bit about these 2 schools... would you know what the class size at princeton is? 

Mar 15, 13 3:12 am

ok, the self quote is quite awesome.

Mar 15, 13 8:51 am

@accesskb @pboyie55

portfolio here:

issuu won't let me upload it as a single page presentation? so just keep in mind that it was meant to be viewed one page at a time, not as 2-page spreads


i got a missed call from alejandro, called him back, got the news, then received the emails a few hours later. the financial aid package is written into the acceptance letter when you log into your princeton admitted account.

Mar 15, 13 9:38 am


my mentor recommends princeton over gsd too; she attended princeton for undergrad, then gsd for grad.

if anyone out there is a recent princeton or gsd grad, would love your opinion!

Mar 15, 13 9:40 am

Have anybody heard of Berkeley during the last few days? Wait-list? Rejection? Admission? Any hope for people like me who did not hear anything from them?

Mar 15, 13 9:43 am


ive had the same problem with issuu too, but besides that your work is BEAUTIFUL, your a pen tool wizard! i love the 2 wintery spreads.

congrats on your acceptances!

Mar 15, 13 9:58 am


Very princeton. The best portfolio i've seen here by the LONG shot. 

Some people have one or two good project and it get confusing towards the end but your portfolio keeps that consistency throughout.

Also perfect use of white space. Another thing lacking in most portfolios.

Mar 15, 13 10:07 am


I agree with the above comments, your portfolio is excellent. Best I've seen on here as well. Very deserving of the acceptances you've earned.

Mar 15, 13 10:12 am


I agree too. Congratulations! I hope you make a good decision! Good luck!

Mar 15, 13 10:16 am


got admitted into UCBerkeley MArch Studio One about 10 days ago.Hope that would help.

Mar 15, 13 10:30 am


Thank you! I know of the admission waves that you received, I'm just asking to find out if anybody have heard anything since those waves. It's been a deadly silence for nearly a week...

Congrats on your admission into UCB! Are you going to accept it?

Mar 15, 13 10:39 am


probably not. Coz I also got admitted into GSD so...But I`m waiting answers from MIT,which is killing me. As long as MIT sends out their admission&rejections, I`ll make my decision.

Mar 15, 13 10:44 am


Another thing. I'm so happy that you proved in this day and age one does not need anything parametric or 3d printed to get into good schools.

I see a lot of people putting in ill conceived parametric facades and 3d printed spider webs just to tick it off the box.

bring back architecture!

Mar 15, 13 10:52 am


Coming from a non-architecture field, I focused a loooot more on concept/process/research than I did on the final result - thus the prevalence of text. Also, didn't learn any software in class so almost all of the drawings are by hand.

Recently taught myself rhino/grasshopper though, and as much as I love hand drawing, I really have been missing out :P

Mar 15, 13 11:43 am

crazy thread going here.

i'm in at gsd, princeton, mit, yale, columbia, penn, rice. all MArch 1, 3/3.5 yrs.

likely deciding between gsd and princeton.

portfolio is absolutely not graphic, but highly curated; a mix of my art and architecture from school and professional.

Mar 15, 13 11:46 am

Is anybody still waiting on Columbia? I'm assuming I'm out...

As exciting as this process is, I can't wait to make a decision and know where I will be come Fall...

Mar 15, 13 11:52 am

This thread has been very helpful (and stress-inducing). Thanks for the continuous updates everyone!

Though I'd chime in. I know I scrolled through last year's when I was applying. So I hope this helps future applicants.

23, B.S. Civil & Environmental Engineering from U of Wisconsin (Junior year at Univ. College London).

Work experience with SOM, volunteer school construction project in Peru, now Rockwell Group in NY.

In: Oregon, Tulane, Michigan, Austin

Still waiting on word from UC-Berkeley (@rrnkenshin)


Good luck to everyone still waiting. Big decisions to come!

Mar 15, 13 12:00 pm
New ARch


LOVE your paintings and congrats....

...How long have you been painting?

Have you studied painting at school?

Mar 15, 13 12:11 pm

@Claire Kuang

beautiful work and congrats on your acceptances!

I am presently undergrad in arch and I love to see the abilities of students coming from more liberal backgrounds. the process always seems to be much more coherent and the ideas more thoughtful. keep up the good work and goodluck next year!

Mar 15, 13 12:19 pm


thanks, glad you like it. i've been painting several years. i had a second major in art at stanford, and my concentration was painting. after i worked at oma i painted full time for half a year. i still show and sell my work.

Mar 15, 13 12:19 pm


I am still waiting on Columbia, but definitely not confident about it now.  I 95% sure I am going to U of Oregon.  I just want to make a decision!!

Mar 15, 13 12:22 pm


keep it up man, beautiful stuff!

Mar 15, 13 12:28 pm

@weissleim (just count how many there are and it's actually a great look of the school's focus) 

VERY SMALL-plus also consider where these schools are located. Though I heard Princeton has the best community-don't know if that is to the grad level as well 

Mar 15, 13 12:30 pm
New ARch


I have painted for several years (non professional), but I stopped...

I know how difficult is painting like this....using big brush, and at same time it's very delicate. You've shown every is awesome.


Guys waiting on WUSTL financial aid....

Did you receive any email after your application for financial aid?????

Didn't post it, I sent it via Email.... so I'm getting worried they don't consider it.

Mar 15, 13 12:35 pm

Hi guys, some of you have started posting portfolio along with your results. So I started our annual thread 2013 M.Arch Applicants Final results...

Mar 15, 13 12:49 pm


I just want to make a decision too! I'm not sure about any school at this point (so many factors to consider-$, program, moving, fiancé & job for him!) I did just call Columbia, and they said by April 1 all decisions will be out- although, like you, I'm not too confident.


@ New ARch

One WUSTL financial aid email ended up in my spam folder somehow, they are working on having it all out before the open house (which I'm super excited about!)

Anybody going to RISD open house on Monday?

Mar 15, 13 12:55 pm
New ARch

@ kelena

Was it from Brian Higginbotham.????

Did you receive anything? or they just said that they are working on your application??

I haven'r recieved any?

did you send your application via mail or email?

Mar 15, 13 1:00 pm

@New ARch

Yes, an email from Brian Higginbotham- I'm not sure if you are asking if I emailed/ or mailed financial info or my application. I just filled out my FAFSA online and sent it to all 15 programs I applied too. Although, I have attempted to get financial info from WUSTL before the open house, I did not succeed with that one. When I spoke with them on the phone, they said the final scholarship meeting is March 25, and there goal is to have it all out in March, and for sure you'll have it before the open house. It will come via email (first) then by mail. (This is at least what I got out of the conversation)

Hope this helps!

Mar 15, 13 1:06 pm
New ARch


Thank you,

Application for international students was a bit different.

Mar 15, 13 1:08 pm

just to let you know MIT is emailing financial aid info today (for those still waiting for it) - I got an email about half an hour ago :)

Mar 15, 13 1:58 pm

Anyone heard from Berkeley for Financial Aid?

Mar 15, 13 2:16 pm

This may be the last time I check this thread. Berkeley, the last one i've been waiting for, just give their rejection. Fate has taken me to USC this year, and I'm totally satisfied with it. it's greatly suitable for me in many ways: financially, academically and geographically. It's quite surprising that until the late period ofthe application process, I even didn't know about its existence...

Congrats to those received what you expected and good luck to those who are still waiting!

I had a very memorable time around this thread. You are all so talented!

Mar 15, 13 2:20 pm

@all the people who need pre-reqs for UPenn...

They have those classes offered over the summer and they are scheduled to work around the summer prep class studio. You can call them to find out the timings. The only class they don't offer is calc but you can take that at a CC or online or something.

Mar 15, 13 2:29 pm


So happy you posted that about pre-reqs, I would still have to take physics and calc, AND the summer prep class studio if I decide on UPenn

Mar 15, 13 2:39 pm


Wait, why? They just need a regular college calc class. If you have that, you should be fine. Send them your course description so they can review it, that is what I'm doing. As of right now, I need all 3! Which school are you thinking of going to as of now?

Mar 15, 13 2:46 pm

Just received acception from MIT SMArchs.

Cheers, and good luck to all

Mar 15, 13 2:55 pm


My undergrad didn't have requirements, so I am currently taking pre-calc at a community college, so I can take calc and physics over the summer (or whichever courses whichever school requires)

Ah, which school do I like? That is a very good question! I am in at WUSTL, VT, RISD, UMich, CCNY, and NJIT-

Waiting on Columbia and Cincinnati. 

I like WUSTL and UMich best- but UMich is out because of $, I'm hoping WUSTL really likes me :) VT is a great school for a great price. I'm going to RISD's open house this coming monday.

So, to answer your question, I don't know yet. I'm trying to make this decision as one of two- with my fiancé, which adds so many more factors/complications!

What are you leaning towards? Any favorites/and reasons for these favorites?

Mar 15, 13 2:58 pm


Ohh I see. I'm in the same position actually. I'm taking a pre-req for calc so I can take calc over summer but if I have to be at Upenn in june, that messes everything up. AND I'm taking physics right now but it's not exact kind after reading the course descriptions... So I'm having them look at it again...I hope it works out b/c that would suck!

Right now, Upenn is the best school I have but I'm also considering Syracuse, Woodbury and Northeastern. I'm really hoping Upenn works out though.

I'm waiting on Pratt and Parsons.

Congrats on your schools! They are all amazing! Please post how the open houses were =]

Mar 15, 13 3:06 pm


You should call them and see when you really need to take it by. When I called UMich (because they start in June as well), they really just "recommend" you have the pre-reqs completed because it easier to take them before your schedule fills up. I specifically asked what these classes were pre-reqs for.

It doesn't work for all schools- some truly mean you need them completed by matriculation.

Congrats on your schools as well! So exciting!!!

Mar 15, 13 3:12 pm


Yeah I called and the classes have to be done by matriculation. I asked if I can be enrolled in the fall in case it can't be done in the summer but I guess not. I'm hoping the history and physics class gets waived so I only have to worry about calc. We'll see...It would suck to have to pass up Upenn b/c of some silly pre-reqs =/

Mar 15, 13 3:20 pm


I'm going to the WUSTL open house on April 5. I was actually in St. Louis two weeks ago too. But I am patiently waiting for Pratt...

Mar 15, 13 3:52 pm

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