2013 M.Arch Applicants, Commiserate Here!



No, I'll probably go to America around September. Can't get a visa before I'm officially enrolled anyway... It's a shame though. It would have been great to see the school and meet future classmates. 

Mar 15, 13 4:29 pm



Do you know when we should expect decisions from Pratt?

As much as I hate the fact, it looks like scholarships and financial aid will be a major deciding factor for me.

Mar 15, 13 4:43 pm

People waiting on Pratt... the school is in spring break and so is the office. You should be receiving the acceptance after this coming week. Based on my knowledge from my friends who study there right now you get offered 2 scholarships.


Tier 1 : 21k

Tier 2 : 17k

I was accepted there last year but deferred it for personal reasons.

Lastly the school doesn't require you to have a thesis.... major plus or minus based on your preference

Any way good news will be coming in next week hopefully 

Mar 15, 13 4:48 pm


Thanks for the info. I've been waiting on Pratt!

Mar 15, 13 4:49 pm

There was someone posting from Pratt Art and History... via post mail.

Mar 15, 13 4:56 pm


Dude don't stress me This whole time I've been telling myself "Oh, Pratt is on spring worries"

Mar 15, 13 4:58 pm

No one has posted on M. Arch Haha. I was just saying... maybe the dispersion begins now...


 I was reading your thread on UPenn and congratulations! Watch out for the debt for sure though. I am actually, right now, very inclined to Pratt... I already discarded Syracuse, and picking between IIT, WUSTL, and hopefully Pratt.

Mar 15, 13 5:15 pm

umm yeah Architecture history is a completely different department then the architecture department. I know its hard to believe but its true. 

Plus just so you know Pratt is pretty much on the realm of parametric design, check their galleries on the website for past projects


They heavily heavily rely on maya, grasshopper. There first semester studio right away deals with using maya or grasshopper or combined which everybody has to 3d print. 

Mar 15, 13 5:24 pm


Thanks =]

Yeah the debt is gonna be crazy, but hopefully I'll be covered by fafsa. I only got 5k from UPenn which is nothing =/

Pratt and Parsons are the only other ones I am waiting on. Why are you not interested in Syracuse?

Mar 15, 13 5:25 pm

Hey archinect admin! Hire a bloody intern to start going this blog and put together some charts and graphs based off the data these prospective Aschool students donated to you. 

Archinect users, your resumes and portfolios are fascinating. In combination with your backgrounds, knowing where you did or didnt get in is offers a lot of transparency to this process.

If archinect ever take the initiative to do something like what I've suggested so brilliantly, it would blow that bullshit Design Intelligence magazine out of the water. 

Make it happen. I want royalties for having the idea. 

And congrats to all you guys out there. I'm kinda jealous to be sitting back and watching. 

Somebody hold me!

Mar 15, 13 5:41 pm


Someone posted on gradcafe Pratt M. Arch I..................................... :O

Mar 15, 13 5:52 pm


Mar 15, 13 5:52 pm
deals on wheels

MIT reject email went out today (M.Arch 1)... Oh well. Now just waiting on Columbia. I know it's not likely, but even a waitlist there would make me ecstatic!

Mar 15, 13 6:07 pm

@deals on wheels 

do you have an architecture background or not?

Mar 15, 13 6:09 pm

Final results:

Harvard GSD MArch 2 OUT

MIT SMArchS in Arch Design OUT


U. of Washington at St. Louis MArch 2+ IN

I really wanted to go to MIT, but also really wanted to attend the MSAAD prgram at Columbia, so see some of you at NY on June, congratulations to everybody that got in wherever they wanted to go and good luck to those who are still waiting.

Mar 15, 13 6:18 pm
deals on wheels

@tomahawks619 -

No. Liberal Arts w/ 2 semester Arch Design Studio and GSD summer program.

Mar 15, 13 6:26 pm

Final Results:

IN: YSO (M.E.D.) UPenn (MS Arch)

OUT: MIT (SMarchS)

Heading to New Haven and looking forward to the next two years.  

Mar 15, 13 6:27 pm

Pratt with 15000. Debt will still be psycho though. But Brooklyn.... * salivates* 

Mar 15, 13 6:28 pm

So did anyone get rejected at gsapp?

Mar 15, 13 6:41 pm

not yet ... but It should be soon. I thought they only accepted people with non architecture background for now but it seems like they accepted the whole class they are just waiting it out for sending the rejection

Mar 15, 13 6:49 pm

@thinkgreeen, Firstly congratulations. 

just received my acceptance email as well. Was the information on scholarships in the same email? I didn't receive any additional information.

Mar 15, 13 6:59 pm


Thanks :D Congrats to you as well!

Yes the scholarship info was in the same email. 

Mar 15, 13 7:06 pm

Well. That's the last of it guys. I didn't apply to many schools but here is is


Pratt &Syracuse




Cornell Berkeley WUSTL

It's been fun. I'm a non background but if this e-community is even a taste of what the student architecture community is like then I'm looking forward to it! Good luck to everyone! :) 

Mar 15, 13 7:11 pm
Rejected at MIT SMarchS

Accepted at Pratt w/ 18k scholarship

Still waiting on CCA & AA but think I will go to GSAPP or IAAC... Tough decision though... Anyone have any info on IAAC? It's hard to find many opinions.

Congrats everyone
Mar 15, 13 7:12 pm

lolll  @ jesusmaldonado "So did anyone get rejected at gsapp?"

i guess they did not get enough applicants and accetpted everyone who applied. hah jk

Mar 15, 13 8:12 pm


MIT SMarchS (+ grant)

Harvard GSD MArch II (+ grant)

Columbia GSAPP MSAAD (no grants for non-us students)

Architectural Association DRL (no grant notification until may)

still got a hard decision to make within the next weeks. MIT and AA have been my first choices and MIT scholarship has been the best, plus i do have an external scholarship. I never got to visit the US schools except Columbia in real life unfortunately. But I did love the atmosphere and attitude (and alive inner-city location) of the AA in London. I do feel very lucky for all choices either way, though.

Mar 15, 13 8:15 pm

damn, I knew there was a thread about this. I just posted a separate one :x

So, congratulations to all who've received acceptance letters so far!

on my end:

Columbia GSAPP (MSAAD): check

the latter with 15K in scholarships. 

aaaaand I just got rejected from my first choice which was MIT's SMArchS. {:[

so now I'm torn between my 2nd and 3rd choices! aaaaaaaaaaaagkh decisions decisions.

good luck everyone!

Mar 15, 13 8:23 pm

Going to the WUSTL open house on April 5th. Anyone else?

Mar 15, 13 9:41 pm

When did you guys hear from Pratt??

Mar 15, 13 9:55 pm

Was Pratt through email or mail? Ahh I'm freaking out now!!

Mar 15, 13 10:01 pm

Can someone please tell me if all acceptance letters to the GSAPP MSAAD program are out?? Havent heard from them! 

Mar 15, 13 10:42 pm

@cizz Will you go to the UO open house? 


Have been running to get the mail three days in a row with nothing from UBC, I'm guessing that means I didn't get in...

Re: UBC vs. U of T, all I want to say is that I have two very smart sisters who went there and I've heard that they are hard just to be hard, not necessarily hard because they're good. (Though keep in mind I didn't personally go to either school.)

Mar 15, 13 11:15 pm


I am going to the UO open house in Eugene.  I am friends with someone who has mixed feelings about the program, but I want to see for myself.  I am still waiting on letters from other schools.

Mar 15, 13 11:24 pm


Got into UO too, let us know how the open house goes please! Also, did you receive financial aid info from UO?

Mar 15, 13 11:30 pm

@accesskb Legitimate question. I was rejected at every single school except for GSAPP which gave me money too. And I don't see too many rejections on gradcafe.

Mar 16, 13 12:41 am
New ARch

@ International student who are waiting on WUSTL financial aid.

Have you ever received any email regarding your application for financial aid so far?

Did you send your application form via Email? or did you post it?

Mar 16, 13 4:07 am

Accepted to GSD but I'm not sure if I'm going or if I even like it despite $$. Anyone care to say why they're accepting?

Mar 16, 13 5:23 am

Applied - GSD, MIT, princeton

Applied to the post professional degrees and got rejected by all 3. Most likely held back by average GPA and lack of built projects for my age (29).

5 years at 2 Starchitect offices and their recommendation letters didnt mean much.

Will try ETH and AA next time. 

Had to give it a try though.

Mar 16, 13 7:07 am

@New ARch

I haven't received any information on the financial aid. They said they'll send out the financial aid packages by the end of March, so we'll probably have to wait for another two weeks. I sent my application via email.  

Mar 16, 13 7:41 am


I will!  No financial aid yet.  I just got the email acceptances and still waiting on the mail packet.  I hope it comes soon with all the information I need.

Mar 16, 13 8:17 am


Yes I am going to the open house at Eugene , no aid letter yet

Mar 16, 13 8:42 am

Did anybody else get into UVA M.arch?

Mar 16, 13 1:08 pm


you will love CCA!!! (if you end up choosing them); they're very generous when it comes to scholarships  what programs did you apply into? MArch, MAAD or we have a new one: MAUDL? it's very inter-disciplinary nonetheless, since it's in an art school... good luck with the other schools too!!!

Mar 16, 13 3:01 pm

does anyone hear from sci-arc?

I heard some "first batch" were accepted by phone at the beginning of this month. several weeks passed and there was still no news...

Mar 16, 13 3:47 pm
@ Leif Estrada

I applied for the MAAD at CCA... I visited once with my studio in undergrad on a trip to SF & enjoyed the industrial building as well as the type of work being conducted, it also seemed to have a great studio culture. All these things reminded me of my undergrad school (Woodbury SD) which made me think it would be a good fit. I really enjoyed your portfolio by the way. If it's a testament to the quality of work coming out of CCA & I'm accepted its only going to make my decision harder... Thanks for the insight
Mar 16, 13 4:25 pm

Got my final Letter from UMD today! List is as follows:


UMD (A.P., $$$ and TA Position)

Clemson (Full Ride + $$ stipened for TA Position)

R.I.S.D. ($$ + TA)

Universtiy of IL ( Fin Aid TBD)

Berkeley (Fin Aid TBD)

Columbia GSAPP

Arizona State (Fin Aid TBD)


Waitlisted: Michigan A.P.

Rejected: YSOA, GSD...:(


Now for the decisions...anyone think I'd be crazy to turn down Clemson's offer in favor of the others?

Congrats to everyone on their acceptances and good luck on decisions!!

Mar 16, 13 4:43 pm

@ anyone

How did you hear from Pratt? Email or by mail?

Mar 16, 13 9:36 pm
^ email yesterday
Mar 16, 13 10:30 pm

@cizz Sorry I had missed the previous post about flying out to the open house!

@lauralich It's definitely a good idea to go in person to get the full impression of a place, that's what I'm hoping for too (though looking on google map can be fun, but  limiting)

Can I ask what your friend said? (I'm hoping to be as informed as possible...) 


Re: Packet: I'm international (Canadian) so I'm guessing there won't be any grants or scholarships??? (I also applied @ UW (Seattle) and their website basically said that international ppl get nothing by U.S. law, if I understood correctly.)

Mar 17, 13 2:30 am

C'mon UBC, just get on the email bandwagon already, this would be less painful 

Mar 17, 13 3:52 am

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