2013 M.Arch Applicants, Commiserate Here!



so you defer your offer for one year? 

Mar 5, 13 4:02 pm
I just got accepted in Cornell.. AAP .. I got the email at 3:50 eastern.. Good luck to all other applying

In: cornell, Angewandte

Out: Yale

Waiting: gsd, Colombia
Mar 5, 13 4:07 pm



so you defer your offer for one year? 

that is correct.

Mar 5, 13 4:13 pm


what program are you applying to?

Big Congrats!!!!!! Cornell is a very great school!!!!!!

Mar 5, 13 4:17 pm

Master of architecture with concentration in urban design
Mar 5, 13 4:18 pm


is that March 2?

Mar 5, 13 4:26 pm
Mar 5, 13 4:27 pm


Just heard back from Yale about financial aid today - have you received your info? I wouldn't assume that they'd give extra to priority admissions, and I received about 10k less than UMich, from which I haven't gotten aid info yet (just the merit scholarship). With this package, assuming I'd be able to work off the difference, I'd graduate with >60k in federal unsubsidized loans - not a particularly appealing situation D:

Mar 5, 13 4:32 pm


IIT, Syracuse



Cornell, Pratt, WUSTL, UVA, VT

Mar 5, 13 4:33 pm


You got into Cornell's M. Arch 2 or 1?

Mar 5, 13 4:37 pm

March 2
Mar 5, 13 4:40 pm

Got into Syracuse!!

Cornell sent out letters already?! I haven't heard yet!! Ahh this is torture!!

Mar 5, 13 5:22 pm

Just to make sure? No one has heard of anyone receiving gsd march 2? If so,then they are doing a Terrible job making us waiting so long while giving out results for other programs. ...

Mar 5, 13 5:36 pm


I think they like to see us be tortured

Mar 5, 13 5:38 pm

Its also very weird no letters from gsd gone out today.....

Mar 5, 13 5:38 pm
e.m.g. I spoke with someone different on the phone today (must have been a student?) and he told me, that "they are still sending decisions...they will be sent in the next two weeks." I asked if all acceptances have been sent out to all of the programs and he said no. They still have some decisions to make for all programs.

He worded it very carefully though.

Mar 5, 13 5:40 pm

From the grad cafe 2012 data all the letters were found out in one day both rejection and acceptance except some people hear from postal mail. Is this year an exception? That they are slower than usual due to large amount of applications? Incredible..

Mar 5, 13 5:44 pm

@Tanuja Manohar


I haven't seen anything on Cornell M. Arch I! I AM DYING!!! Also, did you apply to WUSTL?

Mar 5, 13 5:48 pm

@ red _g

I'm right there with you!! And yes I applied to WUSTL but nothing yet...I think Syracuse is the closest I'm gonna get to the top 10 schools!

Mar 5, 13 5:51 pm

Princeton please please please please

Mar 5, 13 6:10 pm

@Tanuja Manohar

So you and I are waiting on WUSTL and Cornell!



I hope we both end up where we want to be! I just think it's so weird that most 3 yr at WUSTL got their acceptances and I've only heard of one 2+


It's either, really good or really bad, you know?

Mar 5, 13 6:14 pm

@ red_g

Oh I should I mentioned, I'm a 3 yr!

I have no idea if that's good or bad or what =/ What is you first choice??

Mar 5, 13 6:19 pm

@ Lef. Estrada- 

      Thanks for the hopeful words. Someone posted on grad cafe that they got accepted to MDesS and Columbia Msred. However, Columbia hasn't released decisions. Not sure why anyone would put up fake posts- these losers have no life. 

Mar 5, 13 6:26 pm

@Tanuja Manohar

Do you come from an Architecture backgrond? So you indicated you applied for the 3 yr program? I have no idea if it is! We just have to play the waiting again for a little longer! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


My first and dream choice is Cornell.

Mar 5, 13 6:27 pm


I'm a design major so not architecture exactly but I took a lot of interior design, architecture history, model making, etc. classes. Cornell would be amazing but I don't think I have a shot! I guess we just gota wait and see...

What do u think ur chances are based on ur gpa, gre scores and portfolio?

Mar 5, 13 6:33 pm

Hey guys! Dont lose hope!  

1) finally ive gathered enough courage to check my fb lol... (last night was hell... when it was one click away) NO NEWS/status updates of anyone with an arch background accepted to GSD- M.Arch I AP.  Every year theres 2-3 students from my prog who get in.. i searched for ppl who would likely have a very strong application and no news. I might be wrong... i might just not know anyone who got in.  But fb has been usually a pretty good indication in every application season...

2) as several ppl from harvard (admin and students) have confirmed several times (i called in nov)... admissions come in waves (why are we so skeptic? lol)

3) and last year's record is not a reliable indication since acceptances+rejections came at the same time... so far we've had no rejections

4) if they are still processing applications it is unlikely that any news would have been released today... its only been 1 day since the last batch... give it a couple more days for them to finish another batch...

I know its hell waiting for news.... i might be completely wrong... but hopefully this info will at least make ur wait easier...

Mar 5, 13 7:20 pm


did u receive ur financial aids in the mail? 

I just called them today since I havent even received their acceptance package... and they told me financial aids are being mailed out this week.  Maybe we're just in different programs...

Mar 5, 13 7:23 pm


I have been receiving Financial Aid packages..and I was looking and a lot of them say "for the year listed above" (2013-2014)...then include the various scholarships or fellowships..

I was just warned that sometimes schools do not renew these, and since it technically only says 'for the year' they advised that schools can really fool graduate students this way and to be careful. Is this true? Does anyone have experience with this?

I have some great offers but if these awards will not be renewed then it's not as great as I thought... I just want to avoid a massive amount of debt...

Mar 5, 13 7:57 pm

@helena. Thanks for your encouragement, in the mean time, I am going back to my normal life, no more checking forums or email. If its going to come, it's going to come, no need to get anxious about it. I suggest we all forget we even applied for a few days.

Mar 5, 13 8:02 pm


I'm in the M.Arch I program, and I received an email with the aid information. Do you know, on average, how much ivy programs tend to give for M.Arch I students?

Mar 5, 13 8:04 pm


Of the programs I've been admitted to thus far, all of them state that the aid package will most likely stay the same from year to year given that your financial situation doesn't change drastically. I will have to reapply every year of course, and for merit scholarships, I'd have to maintain a minimum gpa. I don't think that you should have much to worry about, and I'd ask your schools in particular about their policies.

Mar 5, 13 8:06 pm

Got the unofficial admission mail into Syracuse M.Arch 1 a few hours ago. No detailed info about Advanced Standing or scholarship mentioned yet. Hope they will be in the official letter.

So far, I have been admitted to Syracuse, USC ($), UIC (no$), IIT (no$) and rejected from Rice.

If Syracuse gives good scholarship, it seems that there will be a hard decision between USC and Syracuse...

@Tanuja Manohar

Did Syracuse say anything about scholarship in the e-mail sent to you?

Mar 5, 13 8:08 pm

@ people who got into Syracuse 

Was that email from Speranza ?

And I heard the mail notifies if you got advance standing ... so yeah if it doesn't say anything about advance standing that means you didn't get it.

One of my friends got advance standing for Syracuse, but he is waiting on Sci Arc to and Pratt to mail results in.

Mar 5, 13 8:45 pm


Yes, that was an email from Speranza... If you're correct, then I didn't get the advanced standing. It is a bit surprising as they give me that at UIC and IIT...

Mar 5, 13 8:54 pm



Syracuse values building technology and internship on a higher scale vs 3d and rendering capabilities for advance standing. 


My friend who got it had more internships than me and hence I am assuming he got it . Regardless congratulation to you 


Are you guys waiting on other schools ?

Mar 5, 13 9:03 pm

Got an acceptance from MArch II at GSD yesterday. It has begun. Packet in the mail.... "You have been placed in the three-semester, postprofessional degree program." Think the verbage might be because I applied to the MAUD program as well. I indicated MArch II as my first preference.

No word from MIT.

Mar 5, 13 9:52 pm


Congrats on M Arch. II! I am perhaps not as fortunate.  Nothing via post or e-mail as of yet.

Mar 5, 13 10:19 pm

hi guys

I got my acceptance email from GSD for MArch 1 AP yesterday.  

I saw bunch of people wondering about GSD M arch AP, so letting you guys know. Hope to see more people get accepted, I'm really excited to meet everyone!

Mar 5, 13 11:00 pm

@ rrnkenshin

Syracuse did not say anything about scholarships

@ tomahawks619

yes the email was from Speranza. Mine did no say anything about advanced standing..that sucks! I was really hoping for that

Mar 5, 13 11:13 pm

@ tomahawks619

I'm waiting on like 10 more schools! I applied to enough to make sure I get in SOMEWHERE haha but the only ones I'm looking forward to now are Cornell, UPENN and U of Oregon.

Mar 5, 13 11:18 pm

How many here have applied to MArch ll?Looks like MArch ll letters are going out from UCLA and GSD! Havent heard from either..

Mar 6, 13 12:15 am
New ARch

Guys!! Got into WUSTL ( M.Arch 3)

I'd expected  2+, and I'm not happy about it.

I'm sure, they haven't sent all the admission letters yet.  Good luck to everyone:)

Mar 6, 13 12:28 am

That's not nice of them. People are freaking out as it is; but hold on there... I'm so happy when I hear others get in... good luck everyone!!!


PS: how do u make an anonymous username here? Not that it matters now... first time ive used the forums here... oh well =)

Mar 6, 13 12:49 am

I received an admission email from WUSTL! To the 2+ program. Financial aid package is to be sent by the end of March.

Still waiting for news from GSD (MArch 1 AP). It's probably going to be my first rejection!

Mar 6, 13 1:50 am

just got in to UCLA for M.ARCH II - Suprastudio!

fingers crossed for MIT's SMArchS in Design Computation, and Columbia GSAPP's MSAAD.

Knowing how many applicants they all deal with I feel lucky to receive a response from UCLA this early. It's still my 3rd choice of the 3. I REALLY hold sincere hopes to hear from the other 2 sometime soon, for a plethora of reasons... not the least of which is the doubt that's enstilled in me by the wait, particularly fueled by having to leave the profession for a year, signing a metric $h!7 tonne of loans, and questioning the necessity and purpose of graduate architecture education altogether...

This combined with the fact that the SUPRASTUDIO will be hosted off-campus this year in a corporate park in Playa Vista makes me uneasy to say the least.

Mar 6, 13 2:53 am

@ 12voltporcupine

Congrats on UCLA!! And good luck on the rest =]

Mar 6, 13 2:56 am


Congrats! Which studio(s) did you get admitted to? I found out about admittance on Friday, and was placed into Greg Lynn's studio.  Waiting on Harvard M. Arch II and Columbia MsAAD as well.

Mar 6, 13 3:05 am

I was also admitted to GSD MArch I AP for those wondering if anybody heard back for that.

Mar 6, 13 4:39 am
Dima Srouji

@helenakeys I haven't received financial aid from Yale MArch I yet either. 

Mar 6, 13 9:40 am

Hey guys congrats!! I got in GSD MArch 1 as well. So I have a big decision ahead. I'm so excited! No matter how expensive is it in the future, it's something worth celebrate for right now  lol:)


Waiting: Penn, MIT, GSAAP

Good luck everyone!

Mar 6, 13 10:56 am

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