2013 M.Arch Applicants, Commiserate Here!


@ymmmm: Congrats again! Looks like you are lined up and well prepared. Tough decision yes. Good news is that you can only go to one of these schools, so your decision will open up a few more positions at the other ones you got in!

Now that you have gotten into some excellent programs, I kinda hope you get rejected at one... just so you can get to experience what that feels like!!! only kidding of course.... kind of... 

What is/was your #1 choice right now??

Mar 6, 13 11:06 am

So on gradcafe, it seems like some people got early acceptance notification emails at Penn? Did anybody else get it? And if you did, which program? 

Applied to Penn, but havent gotten anything yet, don't know what to think of that yet...:/ 

Mar 6, 13 11:10 am
Jono Lee


  If you've applied for the M.Arch program, there are still 8 days remaining before they notify us... I think what you saw on gradcafe were those that have applied to the MLA program.

Mar 6, 13 11:58 am

@architintin: I just saw on grad cafe that someone called McGill and they wont be releasing their acceptance or rejections until the end of March for the post-professional Masters!!! Looks like you are still in the running!

Mar 6, 13 11:58 am


Yeah, 8 days remaining...longest week ever! haha

Well, I saw that landscape architecture got early notices as well, but I think the ones that just popped up today are M.Arch program ones...not quite sure tho since no one on the forum has come forth with maybe you are right? haha...there is still hope!! hahha

Mar 6, 13 12:06 pm


I just joined archinect and wanted to wish everyone (those that applied and still waiting) the best of luck! 

I actually had the same question about Penn early notification because last time I double checked about the notification date for M.Arch (with one of the officer at Penn Design admissions office) was supposed to be the 14th of March and there is no early notification. I am assuming the ones that got early notice applied for dual degree in MLA and MArch? Especially someone left a note that a faculty from MLA dept contacted via email... 

Mar 6, 13 12:26 pm

Who applied to Cornell M. Arch I here?

Mar 6, 13 12:52 pm
Abhinav Sunil

hey @mtt9999

Thanks a lot for letting me know.  Will have to wait a lot more I guess. . Atleast now i can cut down the frequency of checking minerva! I had applied to UBC, UofT as well, nothing from their side either....; Fish !!!

Mar 6, 13 12:55 pm

Anyone else waiting for Princeton?

I've called both the SOA and the Graduate School and they have both said mid-March, specifically by the 16th. This seems REALLY late to me. For the last few years, decisions have come out around the 6th-8th, so I was expecting to hear back this week.

Mar 6, 13 12:56 pm

Ok. Now I guess those who are waiting for GSD's results, we are done. Almost 50 acceptance from Gradcafe now.
Let's looking forward other school's now.

Mar 6, 13 1:30 pm

Does anyone know when MIT is sending out their decisions?

Mar 6, 13 1:36 pm


I applied to Cornell m.arch 1. No news yet. On grad cafe I only see acceptances and rejections from M.arch II so maybe no one notified yet?

Mar 6, 13 1:40 pm

I just saw someone get into Cornell M. Arch I... I hope they send out rejections and acceptances at the same time and they won't have us suffering. A slow painful death.

Mar 6, 13 1:41 pm

Agreed! Waiting is really getting to me.

Anyone know time frame for UBC and university of Toronto?

Mar 6, 13 1:47 pm
Dima Srouji

@red_g did you see that on gradcafe? I don't see any MArch I acceptances yet.

Mar 6, 13 1:47 pm



It is the regional planning masters. Not the M. Arch I.

Mar 6, 13 1:51 pm

Sorry about that. I felt pretty crap when I thought the same thing too.

Mar 6, 13 1:51 pm

No news from Cornell still....

Mar 6, 13 2:37 pm

Yesterday someone had said they got it at 3:50pm EST so maybe some news in the next hour or so...

Mar 6, 13 2:41 pm

has anyone applied to dual degree @ the GSD for concurrent MLA/MArch? it seems that most people received admission to their first choice so far.....anyone received decisions on BOTH programs yet?

Mar 6, 13 2:46 pm

Let's hope. Although, he was an M. Arch II...

In the meantime:

Mar 6, 13 2:56 pm

I'm glued to my phone right now, waiting on news from Cornell. By the way what's going on with MIT? Anyone know when that's coming out??

Mar 6, 13 3:13 pm
Jono Lee
Do you guys all have rich parents that will pay for your education?
Mar 6, 13 3:27 pm


Not one bit. First job after my BA and I make more than both my parents. I plan to take loans and hopefully get funding... I hope! lol

Mar 6, 13 3:30 pm

@mtt9999 lol I'm sure I'll get some rejs. No doubts lol. I prefer GSD now but I haven't for the fin aid info yet. It's a huge investment. So I'll see how much I can get and then make a decision.

@favh: I actually got in both march and MLA... Dunno how its gonna work tho

Mar 6, 13 3:37 pm

I question those who will really reject GSD/YALE/etc. without any financial aid.

my question is: do you guys think it's worth it still?

given this

not trying to scare anyone, but I'm heavily thinking about this. 

Mar 6, 13 3:55 pm
Luckily my County Will pay for my education, only condition is to come back for 2 years when I am done...
Mar 6, 13 4:11 pm

I don't think that is as bad as I expected, here is why:

* half the people got a job at a firm within a month; all of them were employed within 6 months.

* of which 89% are full-time jobs or freelance (most under 60 hours a week)

* 95% of students surveyed, and this is the big one i think, have less than 3-years of professional experience. Of course the salaries wont be $100,000.

3-years or less out of school, with a Masters, full-time employed, making on average above $50,000. Not bad. Not great, but not bad.

Mar 6, 13 4:12 pm

I wonder if International students have hard time finding jobs if they have to find sponsorship to work legally , must be a hinderance , I would imagine

Mar 6, 13 4:17 pm

in the United States

Mar 6, 13 4:17 pm


I thought the exact same thing. I was really happy to see how quickly people found jobs, and 50% making more that 50k sounds pretty good to me straight out of school. If I could be making that by the time I'm 25 I would be really satisfied, especially if it increases with work experience. I hope that similar institutions see the same trends with their grads.

Mar 6, 13 4:19 pm

Admitted into Syracuse M.Arch I this morning! :D

Mar 6, 13 4:38 pm

@thinkgreen Congrats! Was that your first choice?

Mar 6, 13 4:47 pm

@Tanuja Thank you! It was my second choice :) Cornell was my first. It is the only letter I have received so I guess we will see! It's such a burden lifted to know that no matter what I will be going to school next year :)

Mar 6, 13 5:10 pm

@thinkgreen Awesome! I'm kind of the same, but I'm waiting on university of Oregon as well. I got into Syracuse yday :)

Mar 6, 13 5:17 pm

I'm getting a little anxious about WUSTL!!!

@ Tanuja Manohar

Mar 6, 13 5:47 pm

@red_g Oh yeah I forgot about wustl. I'm waiting on so many right now...

Mar 6, 13 5:54 pm


Ok. Now I guess those who are waiting for GSD's results, we are done. Almost 50 acceptance from Gradcafe now.
Let's looking forward other school's now.

When you counted, is that 50 students including MAUD/MLA/ETC?

because my friend said the M.ARCH I program is ~60 students roughly. 

Mar 6, 13 6:10 pm



I called up GSD today. They said they still have decisions to make and it could take up to possible early next week. I am sure the committee doesn't enjoy this process. If the rest of the applicants were rejected, they would have emailed all of us already. 

Mar 6, 13 6:17 pm

Hey guys,

For those of you wondering about Penn, I got an email from Penn late last night telling me I was accepted. They said I wouldn't get an official letter or financial aid until March 14 at noon when it's posted on their website.

Mar 6, 13 6:25 pm

@blackandblue Congrats! Man I thought they were just gonna post it. Now I'm all tripping about them too Haha.

Mar 6, 13 6:39 pm

@Tanuja That's awesome! I hope you get the one you want!

Mar 6, 13 6:52 pm

@blackandblue Congrats! What program? March 1?

Mar 6, 13 7:58 pm

In at WUSTL 3 MARCH/MUD dual program.



Kathleen from Admissions told me that if I decide to only do M ARCH it's fine. Which I am hoping to end up at 2+

Mar 6, 13 8:26 pm

@red_g Awesome! Congrats!! :) is that your top choice as of now? You mentioned Cornell is your top

Mar 6, 13 8:34 pm

@eternalized Yes, MArch 1.

Mar 6, 13 8:35 pm

@ Tanuja Manohar


CORNELL is my top choice, but that's a damn good long shot.

Then the rest battle each other, I'm also waiting on Pratt and UVa.

Mar 6, 13 10:07 pm

20K financial aid from Yale! I received the email today.

Mar 6, 13 10:09 pm


I feel you. Well, I wish you all the best =]

Mar 6, 13 10:27 pm

This one goes out to all the people who have not received emails, calls, or anything besides rejections and waitlists. We shall hope!

Mar 6, 13 10:49 pm

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