2013 M.Arch Applicants, Commiserate Here!


^ Congrats!    To observant- thanks for the insight. So can we assume we still got a chance? 

Mar 4, 13 5:38 pm


It depends on the school's individual and year-specific applicant pool, I would imagine.

Mar 4, 13 5:40 pm

^ observant- what decisions are you waiting for ? I havent seen anyone post an acceptance to mdess real estate- the program i applied for, so still hoping they havent sent those out yet. 

Mar 4, 13 5:47 pm
Jono Lee

Congrats guys! I'm happy for all of you! :)

Mar 4, 13 5:47 pm

^ observant- what decisions are you waiting for ? I havent seen anyone post an acceptance to mdess real estate- the program i applied for, so still hoping they havent sent those out yet.

No, no, I'm living through this vicariously.  I really empathize with you guys.  When I went through this, I went to the mailbox on a brisk March 17th, thinking I'd have St. Patrick bestow some Irish luck on me.  I pulled out a letter (my first notification) from the University of Virginia, and it was THIN.  My stomach sank.  It was among my top choices but, in the end, they know what's a good marriage, and their program wasn't the best one for what I wanted.

Mar 4, 13 6:02 pm

Oh Man...I haven't heard anything. I'm kind of freaking out.. :(

Mar 4, 13 6:02 pm

IN: MDesS (Harvard GSD), MED (Yale YSOA)

Waiting: MSAUD (Columbia GSAPP), MAUDL (CCA)

i'm so stoked!!!

@mtt9999: i need to personally meet you at GSD this fall!!!

Mar 4, 13 6:20 pm

And March II, people haven't received those yet?

Mar 4, 13 6:34 pm

Grad cafe shows MDesS, Urban Planning, and M. Arch I.  No word on M. Arch II's yet.

Mar 4, 13 6:36 pm

And in at GSD for M.Arch I! It's been a good haul so far!


Waiting: Princeton, MIT, UofT

Mar 4, 13 6:39 pm

To those who were accepted to GSD, if you log into to your harvard app what is there? 

Mar 4, 13 6:45 pm

Hmm..they always leave march ll last, apparently they care more about march l students they can shape than march ll

Mar 4, 13 6:47 pm


Nothing's changed from what I can see. They sent out the confirmation by email and provided a link for admitted students, which was separate from the application page.

Mar 4, 13 6:49 pm


it's the same, i think they will send you a notification through e-mail, and don't worry they said they will be spread out during the first 2 weeks.

the email provides a link to an admit page to figure our housing, open house, etc. til the official letter is sent...

to those who havent received any news yet, do not lose hope! hang in there! we've all been waiting... good luck to everybody!

Mar 4, 13 6:55 pm

Came back from work to no news and MAYHEM lol... anyone accepted to GSD to MArch I AP?

congrats to those admitted! and to those waiting for official news....

-i called a while back for some questions and took the chance to ask them if all decisions come out at once.  It sounded like a student took my call (from the age and hesitation).. and he said that from his experience it comes out in waves

-from last year the first wave seems the biggest for sure (gradcafe)... but rejections were on the same day as acceptance... anybody got a rejection yet? and results seem to trickle down for a week.. After this week i dont think anyone should wait to hear back lol.. Harvard has a notorious record on sending out rejections very late, so one dies a painful death lol...

Mar 4, 13 7:01 pm

congrats to those who've gotten into their schools of choice!

IN: Yale M.Arch I, GSD M.Arch I (seven semesters)

Waiting: Princeton, GSAPP

Some questions:

1. Did anyone get into GSD M.Arch I AP? Or would you have any idea if it's possible to finish up in less than seven semesters?

2. Was flipping through the copy of Retrospecta that Yale sent over in the mail... curious to know if any of the studios there do more urban/ large scale projects? Those featured seemed to be mostly isolated/ small-scale ones. 

to those still waiting, hang in there!!! this whole exercise is nerve-wrecking!!!

Mar 4, 13 7:12 pm

just want my rejection from Harvard is that too much to ask.. it is curious why they didn't send out rejections with acceptances at the same time like they did last year though. 


got into wustl at least that was a relief..

Mar 4, 13 7:14 pm

@w. did u just get email? So it's still sending out at this hour?

Mar 4, 13 7:14 pm

@ChineseMarco: I got the email about 4 hours ago. hahah but i'm living in a different time zone so it's morning here :)

Mar 4, 13 7:34 pm

@weissleim, What is the seven-semester program that you are referring to for GSD? 

Mar 4, 13 7:37 pm

I guess those who didn't get the acceptance letter from GSD definitely lose the chance to get into its MArch 1 program. The best situation probably to be listed in the waiting list.

Mar 4, 13 7:40 pm

^disregard my post, I was confusing the MArch I requirements vs. MArch I AP requirements.

Mar 4, 13 7:48 pm

@ mt9999 Looks like we need to wait until tomorrow for march ll. hang in there!

Mar 4, 13 8:01 pm

So jubilated. I have not been this excited for a very, very long time. I think since I got my job in Ireland. For the rest, stay calm, there is much left and the wait if worth it...

@ chinesemarco. I'm in! I applied to the MDesS degree!!!! Yours will come soon! Good luck!!

@ leif.estrada. Are you going to GSD or Yale? I know it is premature. But would love to meet you.

@rrnkenshin: Hope you are working on your Lantern submission?? we publish on the 20th...

Mar 4, 13 8:25 pm

@mtt9999: wish i could say GSD 100%, but gonna wait for the aid and other schools... CONGRATS TO US!!! i bet you're gonna drink again!!! waiting for happy hour (in hawaii, only  3:40 PM here... and stuck not working on my drawings at work) =)

so ecstatic!!!

Mar 4, 13 8:48 pm

Does anyone know if the Wash U acceptances were the 3 yr program or what?




Good luck to everyone. Can't eat or have a normal conversation without constantly blabbing about how desperate we are to find out what the hell with our schools!

Mar 4, 13 8:49 pm

@ red_g , Yes, I received an acceptance from Wash U St. Louis for the 3 year MArch program, an email on Saturday, and a letter in the mail today.

Although, I have no idea if schools send everything out at once, or enjoy making us all wait.


Good luck!!!

Mar 4, 13 9:03 pm

Same question, how many here waiting on MArch ll? Looks like there's no news yet? Tired of refreshing my inbox!!!!

Mar 4, 13 9:07 pm


Hi kelena, how do you think of the Wash U program? Are you considering going? :)

Mar 4, 13 9:10 pm

@kelena or ANYONE


Has anyone heard back from the 2+ or 2 program? I applied to Wash U and I haven't heard anything back! It's driving me insane.


Also, recently, began watching Breaking Bad, to save the time while I am out of the office and not obsessing over this forum.


And what's going on with Cornell?



Mar 4, 13 9:11 pm

@avesl-- I do like the Wash U program. From the beginning of the application process and my research, I've been attracted to U Mich Ann Arbor, Wash U's Sam Fox school, Cincinnati, and Harvard.

I tend to like the programs that  feel more socially conscious and have a focus on community. I want to integrate culture and theory into the practice of architecture. 

However, I feel like you can only tell so much from a website, and even reading so much online. I'm hoping to attend the open house at Wash U, but am hoping to receive the financial aid package before I decide if it's worth the trip for me. (I'm coming from NJ)

However, I've applied to 15 programs, I've been accepted to UMich, VT, WashU, and RISD (waitlisted at Texas, rejected at Yale), and so that's how I feel about making decisions :) (I don't!)

The only school I can probably say the most about is RISD, as I had taken courses in the industrial design department while I was an undergrad. As a school, they tend to have a very humanistic and community centric approach, and their ID department focuses a lot on systems design (which is how I ended up deciding to pursue architecture). 

I "feel" that Wash U has that vibe, but it's just so hard to tell. For me, I'm looking at programs where I can focus on community and culture through architecture, but where I will also feel prepared to build what I envision.  My undergrad is theoretical- art semiotics, and so, practicality in terms of career opportunities is important to me. 

My long winded answer is that Wash U is really high on my list, but hopefully I can receive a decent financial aid package. Virginia Tech is a hard deal to beat, even with the out of state tuition. And RISD has already made themselves competitive with VT, for me at least. Hopefully Wash U will too.

What are your top choices so far?


@red_g- I'm sorry I can't help you with those tracks, but best of luck!

Mar 4, 13 9:26 pm



congrats on your acceptances! how did you find out about virginia tech?

Mar 4, 13 9:31 pm


If one took all the 3 year + M.Archs. (or M.Arch. 1s) in the U.S., and counted the number of spots in each class, I'd bet that the total number of places is about the same as a small to medium sized HS somewhere in America.  It is really a not typically traveled path.  I'd put the number in the 1,200 to 1,400 range.  Is this about right, considering the population of the U.S. is 310 million?

Mar 4, 13 9:31 pm

@ red_g

Thank you! Not coming from an architecture background, and being paranoid, I had fully convinced myself that I would have to re-apply next year to more realistic programs. It's just so hard to determine where you stand in the applicant pool.

With VT, I received an email that they received my FAFSA and were reviewing that stuff, and so I checked online early last week. I received a formal letter in the mail. 

What schools are at the top of your list? Are you coming from an architecture background?

Mar 4, 13 9:35 pm


It looks like you know really clearly what you want to get out of the graduate program. I'm sure you'll make the best decision for yourself. 

Right now I got accepted to UMich, UCLA, Wash U, UT Austin, and IIT. I'm still waiting for Columbia and UPenn. 

I went to Columbia's summer program and I really like the way they taught me how to think like a designer. I guess it is something I hope to continue learning in graduate school. And I'm try to gather information of how the education is like in each school... Sometime it can be frustrating. :P

Mar 4, 13 9:49 pm

Yes I have receive a Bachelor's in Architecture. I got admitted into IIT Chicago with Advanced Placement. I'm very nervous about Wash U, but apparently a lot of people haven't heard back and as one of our commentators said "Wash U had a lot of applicants, we can't reach them all at once" and someone else posted that it looked that most of the already accepted students were on the 3 yr program. SO I HOPE for the best, expecting the worse!

Besides Wash U, Also waiting on:
Mar 4, 13 9:53 pm

Does anyone know if the financial aid information for WUSTL will be coming along with the official acceptance letter in the mail.  I need to decide if I want to visit the open house but it fully relies on financial aid and since I'm coming from Montreal its a bit of a far trip.

Mar 4, 13 10:39 pm



What program did  you get into at Wash U? 3, 2+, or 2?

Mar 5, 13 12:56 am


on gradcafe I saw one guy admitted to Wash U 2+ already...

Mar 5, 13 1:01 am

Yeah. Saw that too. I'm just going to lock myself up in a room.




Mar 5, 13 1:08 am

@ red_g

I feel you, I'm in the same boat. I believe Cornell and Pratt are next week. Good luck! =]

Mar 5, 13 1:12 am

Also, am I the only one applying to non-fancy schools (as my back-ups of course)? I feel like all I've been seeing are people applying to the big dogs/ivy league schools!! Anyone applying to regular schools??

Mar 5, 13 1:21 am

it seems like someone on gradcafe got accepted to MARCH ll .......not sure if its real but good luck to everyone who hasn't received anything yet.

Mar 5, 13 2:02 am

To anyone who received the package from WUSTL, did it include financial aid info? I can't get hold of mine till next week since I'm traveling ..

Mar 5, 13 2:10 am


Gut feeling March 5th is the day we find out...

Mar 5, 13 3:25 am

A bit of inside information to all  those still waiting from WUSTL: today my studio professor was pulled out of class by Peter Mackeith to assist with another round of portfolio reviews... I believe they are still filtering through the final candidates who will squeak in, as well as making final decisions to some candidates who may be placed in the 3+ program rather than the 2+... don't lose hope yet!

As far as financial aid packages go, they tend to send those out in the end of March, just before the open house. They are generous with their grant money, and depending on your ranking, you can expect up to 65/70% tuition covered For your first year. My grants have increased a few thousand dollars a year from additional scholarships.  

I am in my third year here at St. Louis and I can advocate strongly for the Sam Fox school. We are one of the most well-balanced schools in the country, well respected and recognized by firms from coast to coast, and we have a study abroad program that no other school comes close to competing with. The diverse range of pedagogies our faculty embrace let you find your own niche of focus and allow you to either dial down on one facet of architecture or take a sweeping comprehensive approach. Either way, the  core 3+ program will give you an intense sample of everything before you move into advanced studios. 

I think the initial drawback of WUSTL is the fact that it is located in St. Louis. Believe me, I grew up in Massachusetts, went to school in Pennsylvania, and worked in New York City, and I was really hesitant about the mid west. In reality it has been one of the best asests of my education experience. St. Louis may have a sad history in recent times, but  it is a history that plays a crucial role in defining life in America today. It has an is an outstanding wealth of classical and mid century modernist architecture, and one of the best collections of public museums in the country. People forget that St. Louis was once the 4th largest city in the country, and for this, it is an incredible place to study urbanism, as no other city in the country has experienced higher proportional depopulation over  or the last century, nor had to face such conflicted and layered issues of race, urban fragmentation, and extreme poverty. That trend is finally starting to turn around, and it is an exciting place to witness growth and use as a physical laboratory to test ideas of urbanism, landscape, and community development, albeit a complex, and challenging task. The land is cheap and gives the school many opportunities for permanent digifab installations and design build projects. Life in St. Louis offers more than enough to keep you entertained in your free time. While it is a fragmented city for sure and one that is (for now) car dependent, there are pockets of fantastic urban life that you will discover little by little. And, as you will be working your ass off at a top tier graduate school, you will have very little free time. Coming from New York, paying my rent in St.Louis was more akin to paying my NYC utility bills. This low cost of living is something to take into account when considering finances.

In anycase, if you decide to go abroad, as I did, you will be calling places like Seoul, Helsinki, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, or Shanghai your home in addition to St. Louis, where you will study with and network with some of the most influential characters in each respective country's field of architecture. I have absolute job prospects through my studies in both Argentina and Finland upon graduating. 

I'm sorry that this turned into an advertisement for the Sam Fox School of sorts, but as an east coaster who knew so little myself about this through my own jaded lens, and held my own initial bias about the mid west, I wanted to shed some light, as I often frustratingly  read statements in these forums about wustl and st louis that are flat out wrong. Don't buy into the fact that you have to go to school in a region you want to end up working. Am I going to stay in St. Louis? Probably not, but does coming here tie me to staying in the midwest? I can give a resolute no. We end up where we want to. I know recent  graduates now working at Morphosis, BIG, SOM, SHoP, Behnisch, Snøhetta, and so many more across the world, small and large.

Thats all from me. 

Congratulations to all those admitted, and to those admitted to all of these other great schools. Regardless of whether or not you plan to attend WUSTL, I strongly encourage you to attend the open house, where you can see first hand what we are all about and what makes this program so special. If you have any other questions about the school or particular programs, feel free to contact me directly. 

Mar 5, 13 3:53 am

@ j.maher

Got admitted into GSD and WUSTL today. BTW, WUSTL says financial aid would be out at the end of March

Mar 5, 13 4:22 am

UCLA March I applicants --- if merit scholarships weren't offered in the unofficial acceptance letter, does that mean they probably aren't coming? Has anyone heard financial info from AUD for MArch I?

Mar 5, 13 4:52 am

thanks for the insight and info guys.. 

I've been researching a lot about WUSTL program since i got in, it does seem really intriguing ..


@AlexanderMorley: "Don't buy into the fact that you have to go to school in a region you want to end up working" - yeah thats a point we usually tend to forget

Mar 5, 13 4:52 am


Congrats on your admission!!!

(I am working on my submission and trying to send it to you before March 7th or 8th.)

Mar 5, 13 6:52 am

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