Best Printer for Portfolios?

Lookout Kid

After countless hours of dealing with printers each time I create a portfolio, I decided a few years ago to purchase a high-quality printer to just do it all at home. Now that original printer has died, so I need a replacement...

Does anyone have a recommendation for a printer that would create nice architectural portfolio graphics? Right now I am considering the Epson R800 photo printer, but worry that this will have problems with the crisp lines in plans, elevations, etc. However, I also need good photo quality for color images. So is an ink-jet photo printer the way to go for portfolios?

Oct 21, 07 1:26 am

I use one of these

Cannon MP530.. its a double-sided printer, use it with double sided HP inkhet brochure & flyer paper... results are pretty cool

Oct 21, 07 1:31 am

i have a hp deskjet 9800 got it for 350 i think....... prints up to 13x19....color.....solid machine....... research the specs though.....


Oct 21, 07 6:23 am

does anybody have first hand experience with the Epson Photo 1400?

Not for a portfolio, but everyday use printing B&W, color, drawings, photos, etc. on plain paper, photo paper, watercolor paper, vinyl, etc....

Oct 22, 07 3:36 pm
Living in Gin

I've always gotten good print quality from the two Epson printers I've owned, but their ink is expensive as hell, and the machines don't seem to last very long before crapping out.

Once I get a Mac, I'll most likely go with either Canon or HP all-in-one, and enlist the services of a print shop when it comes time to make another portfolio.

Oct 22, 07 3:41 pm

i've had my epson printer for over 2-years now and it's still going strong. however, i would agree w/ Gin that when it comes to printing multiple copies of a portfolio its best to outsource. find someone w/ a digital press and they should be able to run as many/or as few copies as you need. i had ten copies of mine made last year and it cost me about 100 dollars more than it would have to print at home...that in my mind is totally worth the time i didn't have to spend baby sitting the printer, and assembling the books.

Oct 22, 07 4:38 pm

the boss' printer!

Oct 22, 07 7:31 pm

I agree with stones...Very low price...FREE to you

Oct 24, 07 12:39 pm

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