Architects and Guns-Who has one-who wants one


That being said I support background checks for all individuals who want to acquire firearms.

Yay, paradox, we've found common ground! Small steps.

I had dinner last night with a couple who are politically quite different from me, but we all agreed that various actions in various areas of our society are needed, and better change will come about incrementally than with emotional knee-jerk reactions.

Jan 19, 13 11:07 am

so, uh, gwharton is opposed to gun control legislation because obama is a protestant.  or he just opposes everything obama supports because obama is a protestant.  that makes sense.  or do you want to go back to suggesting statistics prove black people cause gun violence.  and obama, well you know.  can't trust him to lead reform

of course it's biden - white and roman catholic - that's been leading recent discussions with related industries, but we're not dealing with that sort of fact anyway.

gwharton, you're either playing some sort of off-topic devil's advocate because your a troll, or you and people with similar thought processes are the source of almost every problem we have in america.

Jan 19, 13 12:02 pm

keyword, that is far from any tea party ideals.  You clearly have no understanding of political philosophy.

Jan 19, 13 2:01 pm
Fuck guns. All about the hands.
Jan 19, 13 2:59 pm
Yeah, keyword you sir or madam are a dipshit.
Jan 19, 13 3:02 pm

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